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Cool Water/Hot Temps.

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I keep 2 yogurt comtainers (empty, with the top wider than the bottom for easy removal) filled near the top (expansion when frozen) with water in the freezer. The containers make big ice cubes. During the hot parts of the day, I put one of the ice cubes in the water of the water bowl for the feral family outside. I add another as the day progresses. The big ice cube melts slowly, keeping the water cool for hours. (P. S.: Newbie here. Glad I found this site.)
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I was just thinking earlier today why cats would prefer cool water. After all, in the wild, in their native African area, I'm sure any water they found would be hot!
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What an excellent idea! I have some foster kittens on our sun porch, which is not air conditioned. I'm going to try that with them.

Mr B - I'd never thought about it that way but it occurred to me they'd like cool water for the same reason we do - its refreshing. There must have been springs in Africa - which are usually cold, cold water. I don't know - there' s a reason to do some reading, not that I need one
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Well, the African Wildcat (the ancestor of all domestic cats) probably didn't drink much water at all, being a largely desert animal.

I have seen cats that love cool water, and I've seen some that won't touch it until it reaches room temperature.

And there was Snoopy (our first cat) who would wear out an ice cube licking it all over the kitchen floor and would come running as soon as he heard the "pssshhhh" of me opening a Coke can, so he could lick the sweat off the outside of the can!

Cats. Go figure.
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love the idea of the yogurt container. The smaller ice from the ice machine in the fridge melts to quick. I'm gonna use your idea

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Welcome to TheCatSite,

The way you are making ice for your lucky ferals is very creative...
thanks for the tip.

Please make yourself at home.
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I hadn't thought much about this before. I just did what I thought would be kind for the cats. They really seem to enjoy the cool water. I even have a pet cat who, when he sees me get a bottle of water from the fridge, goes and sits by his water bowl for his share of the cool water.
I was thinking, in Africa (where I lived for several years) streams are moving (running), and the motion of running, makes the water naturally cool. Ever felt a running stream - it's usually cool. The kitties drink from the outside edge of the bowl - which is the warmer area, anyway. The coldest would be in the center with the ice. So, I guess that EVERYONE is right - and how often does THAT happen?????
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Originally Posted by StarWish624 View Post
So, I guess that EVERYONE is right - and how often does THAT happen?????
That has to be a once in a lifetime occurrence.
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