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Will my cat and my fostered feral become friends?

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I have one cat (four years old) who's never been very good at relating to other cats. She was bottle-raised, and very rarely cuddled, played with or groomed her sister whom she'd lived with her whole life. She, however, adores people. We recently moved, just the two of us.

Right now I'm fostering a cat who's been at the shelter for quite some time- months and months. She's made HUGE strides-- she went from glowering and growling in a carrier to only moderate glares when someone tries to pet her. She likes to be talked to. I suppose because no good predator would blather on while trying to eat her, eight? I just brought her home today, and she let me scratch her neck through her crate-- she just closed her eyes and turned her head away.

The thing is, she really likes other cats. They have a calming effect on her. But my cat's not having any part of it. Both of them are confined to the same room (there are dogs who have free reign of the rest of the house), and while neither of them are fighters, I wonder how to get them friendlier. So far my cat just hisses at the foster, who was trying to hide behind her when I came looking for them.

Can cats be trained to get along?
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I will wrote more later, but as long it is "only" hisses at their first meeting, it isnt bad at all.
Assault is not unusual.

You didnt wrote exactly what you did. I suspect you already let them be in the same room, together??
And only some hisses!?

If so, you didnt do according to the best manuals, but the outcome so far is quite OK!

With a little luck it will better in a couple of days.

Good luck!
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I know, I know-- they should have met in a neutral space and whatnot. But I was in a hurry (horrible, I know!) and just dropped her off in my room, opened the crate and had to leave. When I came back, they were cowering in different corners. When the new cat saw me, she bolted and tried to hide behind my kitty, who hissed and growled and dashed away.

Last night the poor little feral wandered around my room crying, looking for my cat (she was searching all the spots my cat goes to), while my kitty just sat on any elevated perch and growled at her. She runs away when the new kitty gets too close, there's been no swatting that I've seen, and the new kitty usually backs off when my cat growls, anyway.
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The kittys are doing great!

Earlier today we were all within two feet of each other, and someone was purring. So either my kitty's starting to like the new cat, or the new cat's getting used to me. Either way, purring=good.

Now I just gotta go get this new lil' firecracker some toys. She's been hunting everything from the second-hand on my clock to my fuzzy slippers.
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Your situation is very relevent to mine. Please update often. I am very interested in your kitties' relationship. Best wishes.
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Ahhh!!! I'm so excited!!

Tonight I got myself a bowl of cereal as a midnight snack and feral kitty leaps onto my bed to check it out. She climbed halfway into my lap to sniff the bowl, and being wholly amazed at such boldness I couldn't help but offer her some milk off my spoon. Then I tell her I'm going to finish it first and she can have the milk dregs (don't want her getting sick), and she starts rubbing against my legs, rolling around the bed purring, and doing her weird quasi-affectionate, almost-kneading-but-really-just-scratching thing on my knee. Next thing I know she's in my lap again, trying to dip her paws in my bowl! When I finished she had a couple sips still sitting half in my lap.

She's NEVER been that bold, ever! I'm thrilled, & thought I would share.
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Wow - that's great!

We brought in a cat-loving feral kitty that was almost two years old last November. We felt SO BAD - we adopted out his brother, but we couldn't find anyone that would take both of them. But we coudn't leave him outside alone - and we live in an RV with what - at the time - were 6 cats. So adopting them both was just not an option.

Poor Billy tried to headbump and rub up against all of our kitties, and they all thought he was some kind of alien. I don't remember how many months it took - but a number of our kitties now groom him - and one of them even will headbump him!
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