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Male cats spray?

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I'm wanting to get a male traditional blue point siamese and my gf wont let me
She said that male cats spray everything in the house and I cannot have a male. Then she goes on by saying that it would be even worse since there are two female (soon to be spayed) cats in the house.

I don't know what is worse a spraying cat or an obnoxiously annoying female cat in heat.

So, is it true that male cats will (eventually) spray everything in our new house?

I really want a siamese, I always had that breed when I was growing up.
I use to have one that wouldn't bat an eye to Any dog. It would lay out on the lawn and temp dogs. It would let my neighbors two pinchers get as close as they wanted.
One day my neighbors dauchshund got the nerve to go after the cat, and in a split second that cat was on his back ripping that dog apart. The´╗┐ cat would not let him go either.
Siamese are unlike any other breed of cat and by far the most ballsy.

I have recieved a lot of good feedback from this site. Now I need to know the truth about this male/spray thing and then I need to arm up and prepare to fight for a new cat.

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Male cats generally will not spray if they are neutered before puberty. Many of them will not spray even if neutered after puberty.

Yes, an intact male will spray.

Have the cat neutered young, and you and your girlfriend should both be happy.
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Four of my cats are male, and one was over two years old before he was nuetered. Out of thirteen cats the only one that marks territory is a female! A Siamese mix (not that that has anything to do with it her marking) who is very high strung and took offense to the arrival of dogs in the house.

With your cat nuetered young, and an ample supply of clean litter boxes and the two females spayed your house should be safe from tom cat spray. And a lot quieter with the girls fixed.
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A male cat that is neutered young will probably never spray. But remember, cats are all about territory, so any cat who feels its territory threatened may start to spray.

We have cats with various forms of Siamese markings on a regular basis at our shelter. We have a female right now. There's no need to pay for a "Siamese-looking" cat, and those you get from a shelter are likely to be less high-strung than a purebred.
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^That depends on if the person is talking about a classic type siamese or the oriental type. Being a breed that would be uncommon in a shelter, one would have to go to a breed rescue or adopt an older cat from a breeder if they wanted to adopt the oriental type.

To be honest, even being unaltered is not a guarantee that a male cat will spray. Plenty of people take in strays that are adults, take them into multicat homes, and have no issues with this problem at all. I have one that I estimated his age to be under 3 years old last winter when I got him neutered and brought him inside. I doubt that this cat has ever sprayed in his life. He is not a submissive cat, nor is he an alpha type.

For now, focus on those girl kitties. They'll get better after they're both spay.
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Males and females can both spray, especially entires.

I would get your girls fixed before bringing in a new cat, so their hormones are settled. Many breeders spay/neuter their kittens before adopting, so the new one should be already done before you get it.

Siamese are lovely cats, good luck with your search and convincing your partner
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UNneutered males cats will more then likely spray in the house. But neutered males rarely spray (only if they have a UTI or its due to an entire male around the house - that can trigger them to do it).

I've had many neutered males and NONE of them ever sprayed in the house. My one stud cat (when breeding rexes) never sprayed in the house either.

Your gf is wrong and no reason not to get a male Siamese if you want one. Wait till the girls are spayed first and if you neuter your kitten at 3-4 months old before he matures, you won't have spraying problems.
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Okay, a nuetured cat. I suppose I can live with that.
Especially since we have a huge cat problem in the neighborhood. (3 males, 12 females) When it comes kitten season we end up seeing a lot of kitten accidents in the road.

So, cant let the cat go outside to fight with the other males either.

Well thanks a lot for the info, now it's time to wage war with my boss.

Thank you!

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I'm pro 100% inside cats. But if you feel your cat needs to be outside (which they really don't) then supervise them with a harness/leash or build/buy a cat enclosure where they can be protected.

By allowing them outside to roam - you are only giving your cat a 50/50 chance of returning to your home every time you let them out. .....not my kind of odds!
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