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My niece just called to say that her cat got out, got pregnant and now has 4 kittens. (Yes, I gave her heck!) She just moved from another city and before she got a chance to spay her cat this has happened. She has an 8 year old daughter, a dog and another cat so this new mom cat has taken the kittens and hidden them. Angie knows where they are but cannot get to them without taking a ceiling down and since she is renting, she does not want to do that.

She has asked me how she can get the mom to bring the kittens out of that area. She had a safe place set up in her bedroom closet where the dog and other cat were not allowed but apparently the new mom did not feel it was safe enough. Does anyone have any advice I can pass on to her?
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you mean she is inside the walls?
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In the ceiling.
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IMO the best thing she can do is to call animal control. They will know exactly how to get them out, and spare the walls if at all possible.
Luring mom with food could be done, but the kittens is a whole other story...
Sorry I can't be of any more health....
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No worries. Hopefully MA will be along and may have some suggestions. She's probably forgotten more than the rest of us all together know.
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I cant think of any way to get the Mom to bring the kittens down. Do you know how they got in the ceiling?

What are the ceilings made out of? There might an easier solution to accessing the ceiling in a small location and then patching it?
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Sometimes there will be a "trap door" passageway in one of the closets that you can easily climb up through. Many that they find an easy solution.
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The prepared nest IS entirely safe?

A way may be to set up a Feliway diffuser at the prepared nest.

Then it is "enough" to catch the mom, and let he try out the nest. Now, impregned with the Feliway, it should feel safe even to the mom...

That done, she will try to transport her kittens herself. Perhaps with human assistance as body guards.

why. IF the dogs are friendly and entirely cat-safe, it could perhaps be an idea to spray them with the Feliway...
This is an entirely new idea that dawned on me - but it may work...

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Any new news?

I hope she is able to get them all down safe.
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