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Silly kitty likes things that are supposed to repel her! help?

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My silly girl (11 months) has started scratching at our ottoman--really she's playing, doing somersaults around the legs and then just putting her claws in the corners--it's not like when she scratches at her post--all stretched out.

It got a bit worse when we were away for 2 weeks--the sitter wasn't as good at chasing her off as we are.

so--I got some "cat repellent" spray at Target and sprayed the ottoman--only then do I realize it has lemon oil in it. Sasha *loves* citrus! It was like I sprayed the thing with catnip!! She loves when I clean the counters with orange cleaner (which I bought because "cats don't like citrus"). She sits on the counter stool just sniffing and sniffing! Once when I was cooking and my back was turned, she jumped up on the counter and was drinking my freshly squeezed lemon juice out of the measuring cup!!

So next I tried the clear double sided sticky tape on the ottoman corners. She came running right over to see what was up, Ms. Nosy. She put one paw on it and then decided it would be much better if she licked it!!! She licked up and down the whole piece of tape---until she decided that it would be better to try and pull it off to eat it!! arrggh! I removed all the tape and discarded it...

so what can I try now? If I am sitting there, I hsst her and she usually stops, but I can't always be sitting there!

any help/products appreciated! (oh, and when I tried foil on the countertops, she just walked right across it...)

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Tape aluminum foil to it.

Actually, we used throw blankets that were really loose weave - no fun to scratch. They picked up easily when company came over and deterred kitties by their very nature.

Because I have allergies we leave them out and wash them every week - but after a month or two, she may give up.

Do you have a bunch of appropriate places for her to scratch? It really helps if you have all kinds of different things for her. Also, cats love to stretch and scratch when they wake up, so if you have her favorite kind of scratchers (some cats love vertical, some love horizontal, some love carpet, some love sisal, etc.) right next to her favorite places to sleep, that should help too.
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I know you're having a difficult time, but I'm so laughing at your kitty's antics! She certainly keeps you on your toes!

I was going to suggest draping old blankets or old towels around the legs. Easy to clean and pick up if company's coming.
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My cats are as goofy as yours. They dont like things they are supposed to like. None of them like scratching posts...the rope snubs treats, ive tried every kind imaginable and he wont eat them..even TUNA...What I have found to help keep them from scratching is a squirt bottle with h2o in it and also my BF recently built me a gorgeous new entertainment stand/bookshelf out of rough cut barn wood and all of the cats LOVEEE scratching on it. So maybe just a piece of rough wood leaned against a wall or laying on the floor might help distract from the ottoman...I hope that you are able to keep the scratching down!! good luck!
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What about Grannick's Bitter Apple spray? Your cat would probably like that too.
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How many toys have Sasha?.... Maybe need more for scratch:..
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Sounds to me like she is starving for attention. She is a growing kitten, and needs extra patience, time, and discipline.....not human discipline, but mom kitty discipline.
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I'm with you marieba. Cat vs. citrus or vinegar(or anything acidity), bitter apple, those sticky tapes etc are not applicable for Ku Ku either. Believe me, I've tried them all and failed.

I agree with LDG - try aluminum foils on it. Also get some(not one) scratching materials and few toys around her to play on.
Try several kinds of scratching materials - tree/post, board type, also a flat kind/mat, and place them next to the ottoman.
Another possibility is that your baby needs attention. Spend good 15 minutes a day to play with her.
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