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Explain, purrrrrrlease

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I'd like to know how many posts it takes to get from a kitten to another rank, and also when/if we can add an avatar to our username?

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This should of gone under your post about explanations: The avatar question I can answer, the other one I can't.

Go up to the toolbar where it says user cp- click on it, then click on edit profile, then click on edit options scroll down to the bottom and see where it says avatar and change avatar- click on that and you are on your way...
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If you go to the top of any page, you'll see a button labeled "User CP [control panel]." Click on that button. Then, on the next page, click on the "Edit Options" button. On the following page, go to the bottom where you'll see "Other Options." Under that heading is "Avatars"; and under that is "More info." Click on that link and you'll be taken to the Avatar Home, where an avatar is waiting for you! Now, when you get to 100 posts you can add any avatar you want from any source — as long as it fits the size requirements.

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Thanks for the help! But what about the ranking? What's the order?
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uh...what's an avatar?
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An avator is the little picture that you can choose that appears under your name...like mine is my own pic, but you can choose from alot of others!
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20 post gets you from kitten to young cat. There are 6 or so Avatars for kittens and a few more for young cats.....

Why I know this ??????
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The post on the top of every forum that says "Announcement: New to the forums? Check this out" will answer all your questions.
The rank thing is under the Forum Basics link I belive
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Why can't I have avator?

Please help
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Originally Posted by Kirst View Post
Why can't I have avator?

Please help
u need to be a member for a full 24 hours i do believe

here is the link explaining it http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=92064
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this must be a record - a thread brought back to life from JUNE 2001
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Well then shouldn't I get some specail treatment or some extra attention?

Gosh that is quite system you having going here. Does it work?

I guess I am going do a lot of posting to more up in the land of cat lovers. Its good that I just love and adore cats so much.
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