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Surgery today

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Hi, my baby Shiraz is having surgery today, I dropped her off early this morning, it is now lunch time, haven't heard anything yet. She had blood in her urine, come to find out, she has a bladder stone that has to be removed because it's pretty substantial size. I am praying everything goes well, my little pumpkin.
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Sending lots of vibes for your Shiraz.
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Don´t feel alone.. At least we are here for wishing all good for Shiraz!..
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Prayers for her.
My sisters cat had that same problem.
He had the surgery last November and it went fine.
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Lots of for your baby.
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My Little guy had his surgery July 8th and he is totally back to his normal busybody self. Best wishes for you and your little one!!!
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Lots of that all goes well!
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Sending good your way. My Nabia is having surgery today too. I've not heard back from them yet either. Hope all goes well with Shiraz's procedure!
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