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young cat vomiting in am only

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My newest addition, Puss (10 mon old female) is vomiting every morning before breakfast. It is a clear/white frothy and her stomach is empty. This recently started. She eats Innova/Wellness/California natural and all chicken or turkey ingredients. Any thoughts would be appreciated. No lethargy or any other strange behavior. She is a very playful happy young cat. Thanks
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How long has this been going on?
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3 days. She did not do it this morning, They are indoor cats and can not eat grass. They do get cat nip. Should I buy a plat of grass for them?
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What time does she eat last at night?

In my house, grass=barfing, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you want more to clean up.
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They get dry food in the morning and they split a can of wet around 5:00 pm and then they get treats around 7:00 pm. She throws up around 7:30 am and eats immediately after. I have dogs too. They vomit bile if they have an empty stomach and it is yellow. Is this what the kitty is doing? Hers is white/clearish and foamy. Thanks
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I'm thinking that she's gone too long without food, especially since she's still young. I would give her a nice serving of kitten food (either wet or dry) all by herself before bedtime and see if that helps.
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If she's an inside cat, yes get a pot of grass. Grass is a wonderful cleaning medicine, as long as it hasn't been strayed with anything. Cats know instinctively what they need.
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Having you been changing the cat's food often?

Call or take the cat to the vet. Puking this often should be checked out.

Good luck!
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