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Holy Hanna!!

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It's time to get my hair cut again! Some of you may remember my saga from last time!


I never did get around to getting a picture to post, but the style is very similar to this one:


Only it's a light auburn with wisps of blonde on the crown.

I sometimes work with a girl whose husband is a hair stylist so she passed on his name to me. I called to make an appointment hoping to get in tomorrow.

The first available appointment that I could get was September 24th!!

There is no way I can wait that long to get my hair cut because it's already driving me crazy because it's too long and is losing it's cut shape. So I booked for that date and in the meantime I still need to get my hair cut.

So I'm chancing going back to that Manhattan's at the mall just for a cut. That's the place the manager was rude to me on the phone and told me to go and get my hair cut elsewhere and then hung up on me after I questioned the high price of my cut/colour/highlight.

Hong really does give me a great cut and style and I'll be sorry to not be going back after tomorrow, but I'm not going to go one place for a cut and another for a colour. At least if I get her to cut my hair now, in 6 weeks it will still have the shape and the new stylist will be able to follow the style better.
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Well, it's cut! And all of the highlights are out now too.

And now I'm convinced that they charge whatever they feel like given the day. In the past a simple cut (no shampoo or blow drying) was $35.00. Today it was $26.75.

Anyway, I'll see how Hans does next month. He's the new guy I'll be going to see.
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I bet it looks cute! Glad u were able to get it cut!
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