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Night time misery.

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Brillo has lived with us for 3 weeks now. She was formerly a show cat and had spent the last many months of her 3 years in a cattery with about 10 other assorted kitties. She's adjusted well to the home life and is just a darling--very curious, sweet, playful. She eats with our pack and uses the Litter Robot like a champ. We all love her.

Then the lights go off at night...

It starts innocently enough. Wa-Woo, Wa-Woo, Wa-Woo...she begins carrying a toy rat through the house and crying. The "first round" isn't so bad, but it continues and increases in intensity every couple of hours through the night. No one is immune to the noise as she parades through every hallway and open room.

I'm assuming her nocturnal behavior is from the life in the cattery, because when I catsit at the neighbor's, the cats are always sleepy during the day when I tend them and I've assumed they are more active at night. However, Brillo sleeps MUCH MUCH less than my boys and THEN she is super nocturnal as well.

Has anyone been through this? Do you think she still could be "settling in" to her new surroundings and it will calm down shortly? Any other suggestions as we DO play with her before bedtime? Do you think taking away her little rat might help (or would she just find something else to tote?)

Thanks in advance,

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She's trying to get attention. I'd suggest a vigorous round of play just before bedtime to get her worn out, then a treat and a little cuddling.
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She could still be learning the routine, but she might also be looking for some attention. I would also encourage a good round of play followed by a nice big serving of yummy, meaty canned food. If she's anything like my kitties, eating induces sleeping.
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I had to laugh - our little girl will do the loud vocal while attending her prey, too. AND, we usually hear her during the night hours.

The sound is both endearing, and alarming - especially while you're sleeping.

I'd say take her toys away at night if you must.

Could be she's just wanting you to share in her playtime.

My guess is that she's really enjoying being in her new home, and being able to have her toys to play with - too bad it's at night.
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Well, tried the late night feeding. She greedily ate, then picked up her rat and began making her rounds! LOL I didn't have the heart to take away her "rattie" as she loves it so much and is SO proud looking when she brings it to me...

She did 3 rounds of "hunting" during the night last night. I began firmly saying, "Brillo, NO! It's time to sleep!" and amazingly, she would stop for a few hours. By 7 this morning, however, she was INSISTING on some breakfast so hubby got up and fed the gang.

I think it's going to be a slow process. This is the first time I've adopted an adult pet, so it only stands to reason that it will take time for her to adapt to our lifestyle.

Thanks for the input!

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All those tired mornings will be worth it down the line

I think it's a case of you yourself also needing to adjust to having a new full-grown cat in the house whose habits and idiosyncrasies don't match your current cat experience (if that makes any sense! )

I'm sure it'll sort itself out nicely as you get used to each other
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My male cat did this for years as well. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. He wanted to bring me his prey and was so proud of himself (I couldn't get mad at him for that) - He was doing what comes natural to him.

What I would do is when he started to make the noise I would call him to "bring mousie here" (that was the toys name) so he would come running with mousie in his mouth....drop it at the bed and I would say good boy and rub and pet him. Then he would jump into the bed and fall asleep with me Now that he is older (12 years old) it rarely happens now.
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LOL--yes, it IS the cutest thing ever! I just need some sleep as I have a daughter with ADHD so my days are very full and I like/need my sleep.

I'm sure it will sort itself out in time. This morning, Brillo and her younger brother Ziggy, whom I've had since he was 6 mos, actually played chase, so hopefully she will develop a new outlet for her energy.

Thanks again,

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Iam going to echo the others... try playing with her for 30mins - 1hr before bedtime.

When mine start toting their toys it means they want to play fetch... yes, cats that play fetch, LOL. Next time she brings it to you try throwing it, make sure she sees where it goes though. Maybe her past owners played fetch with her, or had her on a schedule of playing for a hour before bed.
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Well, all is much better. Brillo started sleeping better--especially since my daughter leaves her door cracked a bit so she can sleep with her.

I tried the fetch game...she doesn't do it. She just likes to "hide" her rattie, then hunt all over the house for it, catch it, then parade around with it. She also likes to bring it up on the bed and bat it around a bit. It's incredibly cute.

Thanks for the suggestions. I think it mainly was a matter of Brillo feeling settled.

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Awww, she sounds so sweet.

Glad she finally settled in!
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