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Cotton's last dental

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Well, my big boy is in for his last dental appoitnment this morning since they're going to pull the rest of his teeth. I always worry when either of my cats has to go in so if anyone could spare some vibes for my bib buddy this morning, I'm sure he'd be greatful. I know I would.

Reminding myself that this s really routine and that I shouldn't worry.
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Lotso for Cotton. I hope he does well through his dental, and heals up fast
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aww, poor little guy and poor mommy - hope all goes well, with a quick and full recovery.
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Lots & lots of !
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Good luck, Cotton! I hope you're feeling better soon.
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Thanks everyone. I just heard from my husband and Cotton did quite well in his surgery. He has one tooth that they left in (apparently there are no problems around it -not even any tartar buildup - so they didn't see much need to remove it) but otherwise he's toothless and we can pick him up after 5 tonight.

I'll be glad to get home and see my big buddy. Thank you again for all the good wishes and thoughts.
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I wonder why they left that one tooth.

Im so glad that he did well. Cotton is a trooper for sure. Sending lots and lots of heal quickly and easily to that little precious
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I also wonder why they left that one tooth. My IBD kitty Whimsey became SO much better when they pulled ALL of his teeth. All inflamation has totally vanished and he started playing from the momemt he came home from the surgery.

Hope that your baby recovers well!


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Originally Posted by esrandall2000 View Post
I also wonder why they left that one tooth.
That is just so odd. Now she has to make sure that one tooth is clean and worry about any infections from that one tooth. It doesnt make any sense.
Then if its a top tooth, that can cause additional issues.
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Well, Cotton's bouncing back pretty quickly from yesterday's surgery. Around 11pm last night he hopped up and suddenly decided he was hungry...and promptly went to Freya's dry food. So after a mad dash by us to get the dry food away from him and give him his supper, he ate almost an entire dinner, cleaned himself and curled up on his blanket for the night.

This morning he ate a full breakfast and joined us for a sleep-in morning, and is currently dozing on his favorite corner of the bed watching the world out the window. He's not been very vocal but is otherwise completely getting back to normal.

I asked my husband what they said about the one tooth (it's a bottom premolar) when I got home. Turns out it's not infected and there was pretty much no tartar buildup on it so it was left because it shouldn't cause any problems and really didn't need to come out. (Now that I think of it, it is on the side of his mouth that he didn't have many problems with.) They'll check back on it at his follow-up and if it's causing any problems it will come out then (no charge), but by then the swelling from the other extractions will have gone down and started to heal up so if it does have to go, it will be easier on his mouth.

Overall, I'm just glad to have my budy back and healing...and I'm SO glad we decided to introduce wet into his diet before this. This is the first post-dental time whre feeding him has not been a struggle.
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Just a quick update.

Cotton had his first follow-up today (as well as his yearly vaccinations) and the vet was thrilled with his progress. No signs of infection or swelling and his mouth has healed up beautifully.

The holes from where his fangs were extracted are still a little red, but that's to be expected since it's only been 10 days since the dental. He has another round of antibiotics just to be sure, especially considering how bad the infection was going into the dental.

We've also gotten the go ahead to start mixing a bit of kibble back into his food - thank goodness because now we won't have to worry about him stealing her food while we're not looking.

So all's well, and I'm so glad. He has another follow-up in a few weeks as well as a check that his Hyper-T is still well in hand.
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Sending you some good vibes. Hope everything turns out good!
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Go Cotton! Continue to heal and enjoy your new found health!


Elizabeth & the gang
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Just another update.

My big boy is off antibiotics now...after nearly two months of them between the infection and the follow-up, it seems really weird not to be giving them anymore. He had another follow-up today and got a clean bill of health on his mouth.

He also had bloodwork done to check the hyper-t. We'll have the results tomorrow, but the vet's happy because he's gained nearly a full pound back since starting his meds. I'm glad to see it because he's certainly gotten his old appetite back - he doesn't eat as much in a single sitting anymore, but he certainly does polish it off during the day, so I'm really glad to see he's actually getting some weight back. The poor boy had lost nearly 2.5 pounds between his last check-up in December and his Hyper-t diagnosis last month. He's certainly active again and I have no problem pilling him everyday, so I just hope for good blood results tomorrow.

Anyway, just thought I'd post in case anyone was wondering.
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That is certainly great news for that sweet boy
Yo must be so relieved and to top it with his weight gain and appetite, thats just fantastic.
Let us know what his hyper-t results are.
Kisses for Cotton
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Just recent saw this!......How is Cotton today my friend?...
I saw he was under surgery and get a good recovery as well .. I´m happy for him!...
How is cotton today?.......any pic of the cherub?...
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I'm glad you posted an update, as I had not seen this thread beofre. I am thrilled for you that Cotton is doing so well after his dental surgery, and that his hyperthroid is being controlled with medication.

If pills are a real problem, I mean affecting quality of life, there is a topical version of the methimazole. it comes in a little "pen" now, you don't even have to measure doses, just twist the pen the right number of times and the perfect dose comes out onto a little sponge applicator. The medicine is rubbed into the cat's ear (above the lobe).

Pills ARE better, for accuracy, but this is a good option for cats who get too stressed with being medicated.
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Sorry I didn't get around to posting yesterday.

Cotton's Thyroid numbers are right back in the middle of the normal range!

The vet's really happy with his progress, so it looks like Tapazole is now a permanent part of our daily routine. He's completely back to his old self, bouncing around, sleeping in bed with us and insisting we get up when the alram first goes off. He even takes a crack at the Turbo Sctratcher when Freya's not looking.

Otto - He's actually a really good boy about the pills. Lucky us, Cotton LOVES pill pockets. So his pill is actually his evening treat. Considering the state of his ears, it would probably be harder to rub anything into them, so I'm really glad he's good about them.

CoolCat - I have a few recent pics of him in the Fur pictures forum. I have a few more silly ones that I'll try to post tonight if I get a chance.

Thank you guys for all the support. One of the things I love about TCS is that fact that no one here thinks it's even remotely strange that we're at the vet so many times in 2 months, or that I have a cat who needs his thyroids levels checked periodically.
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Originally Posted by Ms. Freya View Post
Thank you guys for all the support. One of the things I love about TCS is that fact that no one here thinks it's even remotely strange that we're at the vet so many times in 2 months, or that I have a cat who needs his thyroids levels checked periodically.

thanks to God he´s super fine!...
You don´t need to say thank you my friend!.. I mean,. you´re a important part of TCS as well are all members on the site!... glad to hear good news of Cotton!...
On my way to check the pics of the cherub!......
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I just love Cotton - he's scruffy lookin', older, & white - he had me at the "white" part!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I just love Cotton - he's scruffy lookin', older, & white - he had me at the "white" part!
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