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Daily Thread TGIF Aug 7th!

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Good morning folks! Josh took away my desk because he is moving the big stuff I am trying to type while the keyboard is on my lap. It's not going well.

I think we are going to finish painting tonight..finally!

Tomorrow we have a wedding of one of our groomsmen..then probably just taking more stuff to the new place. all have a good one~
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Starting the scraping and painting of the trim on our house exterior. Need to think whether we will strip, prime and paint the eavestrough or get new. Busy day.
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Good morning

I'll be heading back to bed here shortly. Sleep was not my friend last night, so I'm hoping to be able to curl back up for a couple hours.

Will prolly spend a good chunk of time on the phone today talking to a friend (we gab for hours, thank goodness for free LD )

- have to do a little more prep work for my doc appt tommorrow, I'm hoping he'll actually listen to me for a change and am trying the "show research papers" approach because nothing else works.

- Mark will be home tonight I was spoiled this week, he was only gone last night, because of our holiday on Monday, then my surgeon appt on Wed.

Have a good Friday folks
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Oh boy Linda just buy new ones!!
Today is nice and sunny, gee you would almost think it's summer.
I have a little chickadee under my protection after being rescued from the boys this morning. I'm going to see how he does... hopefully he'll recover.

Have a good day everyone!
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Good Morning!
Back at work this morning. It feels a bit odd since last night was the first night I've worked in months (had to cover for a colleague on vacation). So far the morning's been good and busy, which ill help me not worry about Cotton getting his teeth out.

After that, no real plans. Gym after work and maybe some quilting tonight and hopefuly a relaxing weekend.

Hope everyone has a good one.
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What a beautiful day. Too bad I am about to sleep the day away. DS didn't sleep so well. He has been up since 3am. Maybe I can get a good nap in and then ask mom to sit while I finish painting in the basement.
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Hello All!!

My parents are arriving in 2-3 hours so I am in cleaning mode (but taking a break).
Taking a chance on hanging out two big loads of laundry as the stinky manure smell is in the air. Temps are cool up dew points are creeping up hence the smell "hanging around".
Supposed to get some serious rain tonite up to three inches. Will help everyone and hopefully the smell will go away!

Going out to dinner tonite and maybe a movie. This is after dad weeds part of my veg garden and mom helps will some clean up in the basement.

Well break time over back to cleaning.................

Kitties are being fairly good for a change what's up with that???
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Morning All!!

Sunny here today and about 24C which is a nice temperature.

I am feeling a little yucky today, it's either my allergies acting up or I starting to get a cold. I hope allergies because I certainly don't want a summer cold.

Not planning on doing to much today, just took some Dristan so may just lay down for a bit a watch TV.

The kitties are good, sitting in the window watching the starlings flock.

Everyone have a great day
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Morning.. or afternoon, whatever it is in your part of the world..

Busy morning for me at work, but i think the rest of the day might be slow, and so it will be long... But then it's the weekend! Yay!

I think I want pizza tonight for dinner, and we have some Netflix DVDs to catch up on. I would love to make my own pizza but it gets too hot in our apartment to even think about putting the oven on, so we'll have to order from somewhere... that is, if BF even wants pizza. Gosh I'm getting hungry now thinking about it!!

Anyway, have a fun Friday everyone!
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I cleaned all morning went to get my car e-checked-my first one everRealized how POINTLESS it isI baked cookies when I got home since we are having a ton of people over tomorrow.

And in 12 minutes, I am leaving to go see RASCAL FLATTS

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I am so super duper excited!!

Have a good one guys!
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TGIF!! Just glad to be home from a long day at work; had the dogs out for an hour and a half and been playing fetch with Gigi I guess I'll be cleaning the house this weekend and probably going to flea markets. No shows this weekend. Today is my mother's 80th birthday! Will be calling her after supper Happy Friday everyone!
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