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Infected claw?

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Cuddles, the last tom kitten from Loudmaouth's last litter, has a bit of an issue with one of his front claws. He has been getting litter stuck around his claws, and now one sheath is always red, and it's starting to make just a little puss at the edge of the fleshy Sheath. Every morning I have to get up and hold him with my legs while I extend his claws and clean them. I have been soaking his nail in water and gently peeling the nastiness away, then putting a drop of Hydrogen Peroxide, then rinsing with room temp running water until everything is clean. Then I use a cotton swab to apply just a touch of neosporin (plain, not with pain reliever). He is getting to the point where he really dislikes me, but he HAS to have that paw cleaned out. It doesn't seem to actually bother him, but it worries me. I still have his pain meds from when he was neutered a few weeks back. Should I give him some? I CANNOT afford to go to a vet for this right now: I spent more on cat food than on groceries this week. So does anyone have any other advice they can give me? I use the H202 because it should still clean and disinfect, and doesn't seem to cause him pain. (he has more of an issue with the water and the neo) I don't know if it's ok to leave on, which is why I have been rinsing it. It's starting to look better, but I don't know what to do to help keep this from happening.
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One thing you should know is that you need to dilute the hydrogen peroxide. HP will eat healthy tissue and thus needs to be diluted before using. I believe you are doing all that you can without a vet at the moment but if it does not get better in a couple days you do really need to take him to a vet and yes, I know, you didn't want to hear that.
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Personally, I would not give him any of the pain meds. It seems to be bothering you more than him

Is he still getting litter stuck in it? If so, perhaps for the time being, you should switch to a different litter that won't get stuck in it.

I think you are doing all you can do for now..... But if it starts looking really really awful, somehow you'll have to try to see a vet for some antibiotics or it could cause alot more probs.

that it continues to get better
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I think you are doing a great job keeping it clean. I don't think you should do the pain meds. You can get Flying Basset Silver Protein, which is like coloidal silver or Oxy Doc from Great Life. These are good to use as anti bacterial, antifungal remedies. They are natural, so they wont harm your kitty. They can both be used internally and external. Not very expensive either. I know people that like Oxy Doc. They use it instead of antibiotic. You can get it directly from the company. doctorsfinest.com is their website. or for Silver Protein go to flyingbasset.com
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it is getting much much better.Changed litter to ground corn husk, and not only do the cats LOVE it, it's not getting stuck to his claw as much. smells fresher and is lighter too! but his claw isn't red and inflamed anymore, or making puss. there's just a bit of seepage when I pull the crust away. I think I can stop within the next day or two. Thank you all for your comments. hugs!
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