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I met my new friend, a he/she type just this July. She was quite a character...eating only from china ( H could hear the difference),
H passed away today...and its very hard and unexpected.
I am wishing all good thots to H and H's family, whom I know is going thru H-E double toothpicks.
Hoping my
blue and others are waiting to take her/him up to heaven and show H the ropes
Its still raw,
Loving you always the J crew
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I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace Hollywood.
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My condolences. RIP, Hollywood.
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I´m really so sorry for your loss...
RIP to Holliwood...
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I'm so very sorry


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I'm so sorry for your loss
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just found out today...there is a new addition to their family...a itsy-bitsy kitten.
but I truly want to thank you all for your support...especially knowing that this was not a member of my family, and I am new here.
I have a cat-proof home but not a cat-proof apparently afew of you have as well
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as life would have it...heaven wanted the kitten(Calvin) as well.

as 'luck' would have it, she has as adopted a new bubby ...with some problems, but she is a great mom.I COULD NOT do soon...she is an angel
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