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Health Insurance Is Yours Going UP??

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I am furious. My husband is a retired police offer. He retired on a disability after being run over by a gawker as he was trying to help the victim of a car accident get out of her vehicle. We thought we would always have decent priced health insurance from his pension fund.......well think again. Yesterday we received notification that our health insurance premimum would go up from $88 a month to $350 a month!! And .......to add insult to injury.....our coverage will be reduced. Our deductibles were tripled, our office visits more than doubled etc.

How can we continue with this trend? More and more people are already not seeking medical treatment because they can't afford it. Are middle income people going to have to die in their own beds without the beneifit of doctors because they can't afford medical care? Maybe if no one can afford doctors and hospitals beging closing then prices may start coming down.

And what do you think about the practice of advertising medication to the general public on TV? All that does is drive the prescription prices up higer (for the ads) and make the drug companies richer. I'm fed up. I've read the cost of making some pills are 20 cents a pill and they are being marketed for $10 a pill or more. I don't understand why the people in the U.S. are not in revolution over the cost of medical services.

Are any of you in this pickle too?
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You have every right to be upset! That's a lot of money that's coming out of your pocket every month!

As for my insurance, this year it did go up but not nearly as bad. I think I pay $30 per pay period (2 per month). It's not that bad, but I am single and have no kids...so to me that is rather expensive.
My parents finally got different insurance last month. It will be saving them hundreds of dollars per MONTH. They were paying $150 per WEEK for coverage for them & my brother. Now with the new insurance, they only pay $90 per month. It's just ridiculous how the insurance companies can get away with charging so much.

As for the prescription part, I know exactly what you are talking about. I currently work in a Pharmacy and see what happens on a daily basis. I watched 20/20 (or was it Dateline?) last year about the cost of Prescription drugs. I was appauled with what I seen! Pfizer the leading manufacturer of drugs were giving Dr's cruises if they sell XXX amount of one of their drugs. Where does that money come from? Our pockets! The most popular drug in America is Lipitor (a Pfizer drug) and it sells for approx. $100 for 30 pills, when actually they can make them fairly cheap. When something becomes popular, they jack up the price. Plus, when you get Dr's that are encouraged to prescribe these drugs because they are reaping the rewards, it really burns my butt.
I see so many elderly people coming through our doors everyday and fork out hundreds of dollars on medication that they need. But they do not realize that there are many drugs on the market that are much cheaper and will do exactly the same. It hurts me to see those people spend their life savings this way.

Also, I thought I would share this tidbit of info with you all. I know we have people of all ages on this site and we all have elders in our family. I encourage all of you to check out your local retail pharmacy. Most of them have programs for the elderly that will save them money with no cost to them. Pfizer has a program called the Share Card & there is another one called Together Rx. There are guidelines where they need to be eligible for this, but it is well worth looking in to. For example, Lipitor can be purchased with this card for $15, where it would normally cost over $100. Also, I do know that many pharmacies take discount cards too. For example, WalMart takes the American Legion Card. It saves the customer over 15+% on their drugs and it cost them only their membership fee per year. Most veterans have this anyway, so they might as well get all the benefits from it. If any one has questions about discount cards and those programs, just PM me & I can get you the info.

ok...I'm stepping off my soap box now!
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My Kaiser has gone up so much in the last three years. I first was paying $90 a month, next year $120 a month and NOW I'm paying $178 a month!!!! For just me!! And its not like I'm getting any better benefits, its the same crap!
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And my co pay went up to $20 per visit!!!
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At least you get a co-pay for dr visits. My insurance doesn't have copays for that, it is just applied to my deductible which I never meet anyway.
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Are you serious?? That's horrible.
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Ted & I do not have any insurance at all right now! I am on 2 drugs I take everynight,I am buying one out of Ted's unempolyment and my DR, is giving me samples of the other one!If he was not I would not be taking them!And I would be in a nut ward!
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hubby just got notice that his employers will keep paying 100% for his coverage but only 75 % for mine So that is going to take a nice little chunk out of his paycheck!
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Count me in too! I actually don't pay for my coverage; the school district does, but I am careful to sign up for the options that won't cost. Thnigs that used to be included for all now cost an arm and a leg. We also used to have some real choices. Not anymore! On top of that, we get no raise whatsoever.
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I cannot stand my insurance company -- I dont have a co-pay @ the dr's office, either -- I just get billed for everything at one time I have a bill sitting at home that is for $100 which is my portion AFTER the insurance covers it ... I think I hve to meet something lke $500 for the year, then the rest is covered or something like that. I still dont know anything about mine ... Work is too cheap to hand out booklets -- all they tell you is to go on-line
If anyone has BCBS, can u please pm me and tell me how it works ??

Now, when hubby & I both worked at Motorola, their insurance was awesome! They covered 90% of the bill.

It's also amazing to find out what they charge you when you quit or get laid-off and the insurance is thru Cobra? Its like a car payment
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There are several different branches of Blue Cross Blue Shield. I believe that every state has their own branch. So, it really depends on what branch you have. You should be able to call the 800 number on the back of you card and they'll send you a booklet on your policy.
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I forgot to post this in my last post.

I have BCBS of Nebraska, but just because you live in a specific state doesn't mean you have that states branch. We have several companies in Nebraska that has BCBS of Kansas or Oregon. Don't know why that is, but that's my observation.
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That's the thing... I live in Arizona, yet the work's corp. office is in Virginia. I called their 800 number, and all I got from them was to ask our HR dept.
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Hmmm...that sounds odd to me. I thought that legally they HAD to give you a booklet of your policy. If I were you, I'd raise some hell with your company not giving you booklets. Tell them that you can not go online and find it. What happens to the people who do not have access to the net? It sounds like they're trying to save themselves some money...but you can bet THEY all got a booklet.
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Does anyone have any recommendations for some good national medical insurance to check into? We have to let my husband's insurance know by November if we are going to pay the big bucks and continue on with the Aetna plan we have now so I have a little research time available. AND.......we've been told if we drop out of the Aetna plan that they won't let us back on.......so we really have to be sure. If anyone can give me some companies to check into.....I'd be very grateful. I'm in TN BTW.
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When I was married, I has BCBS of Western NY (Numbnuts retired from the Buffalo FD). His was paid but they deducted about $80 a month, from his pension, for mine. The prescription plan was good: $3 for a 30-day supply of any drug. They only allowed him 8 Viagra per month, though.

My insurance at work hasn't kicked in, yet but, I'm going to keep using my VA insurance for prescriptions. All of my maintenance meds (arthritis, migraine) are free by mail order. Emergency meds (antibiotics, painkillers, etc.), I pay 20% of retail.

Doctor visits are and 80/20 split, with a $50 per year deductible. If I want to use the VA hospital and clinics, it will be free but it takes forever to get an appointment and I can afford the co-pays. Also, I'd rather see a veteran that needs it, get my spot.
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