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Random Shots

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I have been taking a little more interest in photography and have been taking a lot of pictures but they end up sitting on the computer. Here are some random shots of the girls.



Misty and Nia

"Get your whisker out of my eye!"

Misty and Nia


Misty and Nia

Misty getting a little curious.

"Get that camera out of my face!"

Greta trying to look innocent.

Tongue shots.

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Great shots.

You have some gorgeous cats
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Beautiful photos!!! And great subjects, too!!
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Wonderful photos of some truly gorgeous girls. Keep taking pics!
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Oh goodness, what gorgeous pictures of your babies
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They're GORgeous! Lovely shots of lovely babies.
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these are great shots, you've got a great eye. Well done
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that last shot is my fave! Lovely cats you have there.
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Thanks for the comments. Here is an earlier one I forgot I had. It was taken in the house that was flooded by Hurricane Ike before we had to move.

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How very lovely. How could anyone look into those eyes and say cats don't have souls?
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Your girls are beautiful!
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Great shots! beautiful kitties
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Those are great pictures, and you are a very good photographer! You have the eye! More please!
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