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Awww *hugs* That's so sweet about GoGo

I have a thyroid problem too. I have to take a pill everyday for the rest of my life.

Hope you feel better soon girl!!!!
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Hi kimward! I was missing you too! Should we have a group hug? I have a hypothyroid too. Sucks, huh? And mine is on top of narcolepsy so imagine how tired I get sometimes!
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KIM , I do hope you feel better and the Dr. find quick what ever it takes to get you going and well again . Your cat is soooooo sweet , oh how cute of GoGo .
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Awwww Thanks you guys!

OK... Group Hug....this is the only hug graphic I could find, LOL!

....reminds me of GoGo huggin' little Spot, LOL!

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FINALLY!!!! A REAL candidate for CA's governor!

Kim, I went through that my 3rd year in college. It's hell, keep getting your bloodwork done so they can stabilize you. It took 2 years to get mine right.
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Kim, feel better!!!!! (((hugs)))
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Good to see you back Kim

Love the 'Vote for Zoey'
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1 more vote for Zoey! Wait, make that 6 (my cats want in on this too)!

Hi Kim, glad you're back! Hope you're feeling better soon
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I added my friends cat LOL

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that is sooooo funny
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Awwww! What's your friends kitties name?
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Her name is Mia
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Oh! Sweet Name
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Love it!
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LOL! You have to do Zoey as Bogart and ChiChi as Bergman in Casablanca! Make that CATsablanca!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Make that CATsablanca!

*slaps knee
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I just got photoshop so I will try to learn how to do this like zoey and Kimward does! I really admire the talent shown in "photoshopping Zoey" Thread!!
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LMAO , the last one is to much
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OMG! haha
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LMAO!!!!! Love the candidate and Bogey one!! Big bogey fan here!!!
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Way to go Zoey and Sicy. Can't wait to see what's next.
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Wow!!! I just found this thread!!! You guys are so talented! LOL!!
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*bump* More funny pics pretty pls SicyCat and Kimward!!!
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A BIG thank you goes out to Kim!! I wanted Nakita to look tough, and she made Nakita look like cigar smoking pool hall owner!!!

Love it Kim!!!!

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OMG Nakita is just beautiful! Love it Kim!

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Isn't it amazing????? I want photoshop software so badly!!! But then I would need Kim to come over for a tutorial every day! Ha!

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ROTFL!! Looking at that picture, I wouldn't want to meet Nakita in a dark alley! Well, maybe I would...she's so cute, Ijust want to keep her for myself!!

Kass you are very welcome. Nakita makes a BEAUTIFUL model!!

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I should have said love it kim AND kass cause your nakita's mummy!

I think it's fascinating, Photoshop is like $600 to get or something...

I wanna make cool creations *whines*

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