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Photoshopped Zoey!! - Page 14

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These are great!
Please excuse me if you've already done these (I have very slow dial-up & may have missed some of your pics), but how about:

Men In Black?
Independence Day?
The Blues Brothers?
The Simpsons?
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thanks for the warm fuzzy huggs! yeah ads and movie ads are cool!!! and kim, this photoshop is addictive!!!!!

gap ad is fuuuunnny
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LOL @ Spotty Gap boy
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How could we do adds without doing this one?

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Chris! LOL!!! I agree with you!! Love the milk mustache!!!

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Not much work put into this one, more of the idea :P

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I LIVE for this thread! LOL

Actually, this past week I had a case for which I was on the Jury and it had altered photos as evidence. Interesting, eh?
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LMAO!!! You should enter that in the "Caption This" contest - So, did the valence and curtains survive??? You captured a "Waaaaay" too funny action shot!!
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How about James Bond? Any action photos for those?
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Originally posted by TTMom
I LIVE for this thread! LOL

Actually, this past week I had a case for which I was on the Jury and it had altered photos as evidence. Interesting, eh?
Very interesting and very scary, too. It's so easy to alter photo's these days and people not be able to tell… My day job as a graphic designer requires that I alter/manipulate photographs and they have to look REAL... In here just play around....when I am working on a job, the process can take hours.

So, did they prove the photos were altered? (Lemme' guess, they lost the negatives - but really, there weren't any, LOL) What ended up happening?

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yup the curtains made it, after i sprayed them down with bitter apple spray that came in this box

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I work for a publishing company, i do computer tech now but at one time they had me working with photoshop, i remember a catholic school requested we "draw" on a proper shirt to a photo, the lady had a low neckline shirt that more or less just had straps over the shoulders, things of that nature were common, we would have to take however long it was needed to create a real looking blouse that would suit the customers. Sometimes it was faces, old photos and such where half a persons face would be missing and they requested it to be added... You'd be shocked at how real it can come out in the finished product.

I still work with photoshop as a hobby, i create "avatars" for friends, the character in this photo was completely drawn digitally.http://www.superhighway36.com/gdwine...owysngrass.jpg
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bond hu? James Bond? How about Calvan Croos as the next James Bond?

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Photo restorations is one of my favorite things to do... The worst I I have restored were fire and water damaged photographs. The coolest thing I reproduced and repaired was a daguerreotype from the mid-19th century.... (Looks like a tin print)
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paws a bit mixed up but i cant find any guns that have a cat leg crossing the rear portion of the type of pistol that bond uses :/
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LMAO!! Looks funny regardless!

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fixed it just rotated the gun some
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Hey Chris, is your kitty a poly?? -- I thought I saw an extra trigger finger...my Peanust is a poly... He uses his hands like a person some times, LOL!
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whats a poly? those paws are pretty distorted from their original

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oooo good one chris!! ya are so funny!!!

nice 'avatar' for your friend
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he is the one that picks up pop bottle caps with one paw and places it in his mouth, they both love bating a cap around on my hardwood floors.
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Poly comes from the Greek word "polys" which means many or more than one. Dactyl also comes from a Greek word "daktylos" or finger. Some people believe that poly's bring you good luck, LOL!!

HEY! I just saw your cat picture page, VERY CUTE!!!!

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thanks jellybelly, though she went with the other one i created for her,

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LMAO!! Zoey and her trigger toes!!
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awwwwwwwwwww zoey looks too cute!!
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ROTFL! Nice!

Love the Polys!

BTW, the Calvin & Hobbes pics are cute, too.

OK, How about the Simpsons?

Men In Black?
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The photos were obviously tampered with, but that wasn't the issue, the issue was that it was a child's head on a Victoria's Secret model--child molestation. The guy was very adept, but really screwed up messing around with a 17.5 year old except the prosecution couldn't really prove anything so we had to go with Not Guilty.
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Aaaaargh! That makes me so freaking mad how twisted this system can be!!! This is why I didn't pursue lawschool! Arrrgh!

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