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OMG something changed!

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Annie's never been around when a big change happened in the house. But a big change happened last week when we got a different TV, different setup for the TV and gave the entertainment center away via Craigslist. So a BIG change in the house setup for her.

OMG the look on her face when the woman came and she and my husband took the entertainment center out...I thought her little head was going to explode. She was SO confused and concerned and didn't understand it at all. Her eyes were as big as saucers, and she looked like an alien because her pupils were so dialated. The other kitties thought it was cool - new places to play and explore.

This was a week ago Friday. Ever since then, she has been naughty! Everything she can get into, she's into it. She's Miss Needy and Miss Demanding too. But when she doesn't want attention she's more adamant than usual about letting us know. She's talked more in the past week than she had in the first year that we had her! I think her little head may still be on the verge of exploding.

Guess she does not deal well with change. The rest of the cats were OK with this change. Usually it's Trent who throws a little hissy-fit when things change in his world, but Annie is even more sensitive than he is about her little world. (Good god, what will she do when I get the piano brought home?!?!?!?)

How do yours react to change in their world?
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That's funny! I can just picture her eyes! Jamie actually finds changes exciting, and claims any new pieces of furniture or appliances as his own. As long as we don't take away his window perches (which have been replaced a few times), he's thrilled to have something new.
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Zane doesn't like it when I practice piano or organ. I'm not sure if it is a matter of "Stop that horrid noise, Daddy!" or "Stop paying attention to that machine, Daddy, and pay attention to MOI."
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Mine deal with change pretty well. Of course, Ramsey better than all the others. When we had the cable guy here installing our setup a few weeks ago, Ramsey helped him the entire way; so much so, I had to put him away because I was worried he'd get in the way. He's so outgoing and well-adjusted- nothing phases him. Albert, who is more of the "Can I sleep on it? If not, I don't care" type, could care less. He just kind of sits in his little corner and watches what goes on (if he's not asleep, lol). Charlie hid, but came out as soon as the cable guy left to see what presents he had left us, lol. Cleo...well, we all know about Miss Cleo...
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