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Hello from Chicago

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If you wanna talk about a new... you've gone one right here *points to herself* My boyfriend just moved in with his cat. Her name is Tiger. I don't know what kind of cat she is but she looks like one of these.

My boyfriend rescued her sometime last year. I guess she was abandoned. It doesn't seem like she was abused but, again, I don't know.

I need help just so that I can get to know how to become a cat owner and of course understand the actions and behaviors of my new cat. I have never owned a cat and my boyfriend, prior to this cat, was just a dog owner. He doesn't have dogs anymore. Just Tiger. So I don't really take his word when he tells me what to do with her because I also don't necessarily agree with some of the things he does or lacks in doing.

Before I moved in, when I would visit my boyfriend, she seemed pretty cool. She did her own thing. Sometimes layed near the window looking outside, or lying on his rug watching tv with us, or lying in his furry blanket he had set up in a basket for her. As time went on, she grew accustomed to me coming over and allowed me to pet her and even would climb on my stomach/chest and let me pet her. But only for so long until she would kind of snap at me (slightly bite me, scratch me) and run off. A friend of mine told me its because they don't like to be "overstimulated". *shrugs*.

Now that they have moved into my place. Obviously she is a bit scared and confused. It's been a couple weeks and she seems to have grown accustomed to the place, but still on the jumpy side and I don't know what to do to comfort her more. She hasn't had any accidents which is good. She's generally a really good cat, doesn't scratch furniture too badly, we've caught her in time and told her not to. Well, my boyfriend yells at her (should we be yelling at her, not even sure what kind of disciplining to do to a cat)? Sometimes, he smacks her nose to know she's not supposed to do certain things????? I've heard you do that to dogs, but cats, too???

She's not declawed nor would I want to do that, but a friend also suggested filing their nails? How would I even get to that point without having her scratch me?

The other day, our landlord came up and saw our cat (no problems there) but the landlord was just being friendly saying hi to Tiger and petting her, and she smacked her hand with her paw. I was so embarrassed. She didn't scratch her but I don't want her doing that to strangers.

Another thing. I've heard friends of mine (cat-owners) talk about washing their cats. My boyfriend never gives Tiger a bath. He seems to think that her licking herself (which I knows is a form of self-cleaning) is enough. I don't agree.

Somebody tell me what to do.
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Hello, and welcome to the site! I'll answer some of your concerns, but these are just my opinions and should not be taken as gospel!

As far as getting more accustomed and settled in, I would recommend trying some Feliway plugin diffusers. You can these from a local pet supply store, or many different websites, including Amazon. They release a pheromone that helps cats de-stress, the same pheromone they release from their cheeks when they rub on things.

Regarding discipline, no, I would not yell at a cat and I would never thump it on the nose. Disciplining a cat is not as straight-forward as disciplining a dog. You don't want it to associate negative things with you, but with its action. For example, putting doublesided tape temporarily on the furniture she scratches. Cats hate the way it feels, and she associates that yucky feeling with scratching the furniture, and stops doing it over time.

Trimming a cat's nails can be a piece of cake, or an act worthy of sedation, it just depends on the cat. Most cats fall somewhere in between, and the easiest way seems to be to clip a nail or two while your cat is unsuspecting and asleep, then get a couple more next time she falls asleep, lather rinse and repeat until they're short and blunt. I just use regular human nail clippers, but be careful not to cut the quick (the pink part inside the nail)!

Also, I would never bathe a cat unless it actually got dirty in some way. (Sphynx cats notwithstanding!) Some people bathe their cats every 3-4 months.. this seems acceptable to me. Cats do a really good job of keeping themselves clean (well, most of them do), and they have necessary oils in their coat. Like I said, though, if the cat is actually grubby and dirty, then I would wash it.

I hope this answered some of your questions, and I'm sure some more knowledgeable members will be coming through to help you as well. Good luck with cat ownership.. give her time, and I bet Tiger will grow on you.
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Awe thanks, I knew it wasn't right to yell at her or smack her on the nose.

Don't get me wrong. I've grown to love Tiger. She's great. She's pretty good at entertaining herself but at the same time, great company.

Thanks for the tips, I really appreciate them. I'll look into that Feliway product. Thanks!!!
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Welcome to TheCatSite nicas828,
You have come to the right place for information and support about caring for Tiger.

I recommend that you scan the sticky threads in our Behavior, Care & Grooming and other informative forums.
If you need more info. you might want to start your own threads in those forums, with your specific questions, so you will receive more feed back from members.

Be patient, keep learning....
you and Tiger will do fine.
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

Please feel as you home here, we can learn so much and deep about our kittys in this marvelous site, I just only please ask you read the rules and other stuffs that can help you to feel as you Real home!.. here you have the link my friend.

Please ask whatever you need to know, there are plenty of good members and of course our tireness Mod´s to help us here!....

See you on the forums!, Glad that you join us!

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Hello & welcome to tcs.
Blossom was a really wild kitten but as she's aged she's settled down some. When she misbehaved I would put her in her crate of the bathroom whenever she got really bad. As said I found the behaviour forum great.
I would never hit a dog or cat on the nose. That's so out of date & unneccesary.
Does she have a scratching tree?
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Hello and welcome to TCS! Nice to know about your Blossom and hope it would be a a great entertainer here.
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She has a scratching post. She just sits on it, lol, doesn't really scratch it.

I asked my boyfriend yesterday, if he knew what kind of cat, she was...... he didn't. *sighs* But, I think we're both getting to know her, and I'm sure as she gets older she'll calm down. I think she's about 3 or 4 years old (again, I'm not sure). Thanks for all your help and welcome posts.
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Hi, Welcome to TCS
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Hello just wanted to welcome you to TCS I hope you are finding the answers that you need, if not, please let us know
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Welcome to the site!

I've never given my cats baths , it's just not necessary unless they get into something. Yelling "No!" is fine to do in my opinion, but I think you have to keep in mind that she's "jumpy" already. Cats, just like people, are all different. Maybe she will always be a little timid. As far as the petting, I have a cat like that. You will learn to read her looks, body behavior and know when enough petting is enough for her. I agree with the double-sided tape suggestion. You can buy it in rolls or sheets at a pet supply store. I've had success with it.
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Hi there we're so happy to get the chance to welcome you and Tiger to TCS. It's great that you joined the site to find out more about what it will be like to live with a kitty. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions
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Hey, welcome. speaking only for myself about my own experience but you might find this story helpful? A friend suggested I bathe Penny to reduce her "crankiness" (lol she's not that cranky, but not exactly a rose petal either) (friend was not a cat expert. I'm not either)

So Penny got her first ever bath in 2005 at the age of 2 and it helped her personality (not that her personality sucked or anything). The bath was just water (no shampoo) for a few minutes in a large sink, so I don't know if that "counts" as a bath.

She got her 2nd one last week (so 4 years in between) and again, she seems nicer now. Well, I should say, even nicer because she's a nice kitty (nice to me, at least)
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