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Thirst in Kittens

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I'm not too worried I just want to make sure that I shouldn't be more concerned. Hubby brought Peaches home about a week & half ago. She's been absolutely fantastic! No more fleas & she's getting over her sniffles.

However, she's been eating like she will never see food again (we're convinced she still can't believe her good luck!), all dry kitten food (life stages performation? pet store suggested it).

Hubby has noticed Peaches seems to drink quite a bit but I think it's just that she drinks frequently and as I often have to pick up the water bowl because our toddler is in it . I think it's more noticeable when she's trying to get our attention because she's thirsty. Where as our other cats will just jump up on the counter, Peaches hasn't quite gotten the hang of that one yet.

How much should a 4 month old kitten be drinking?

It's hard for me to gauge because we have a big communal water bowl. I'm thinking she only drinks for about 1 minute maybe 6 times a day that I notice?

She has been eating 2ish cups of kitten food a day her belly is SO FAT!!!!
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If she eats much (normal for kittens!), and it is dry food, so she must also drink much to cover it up. Be happy she does drink quite a lot.

It is true sometimes it is not easy to see how much they really drink. One way to know is if you can observe how much they pee at their litter...
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Be happy she's drinking! Sounds like she's flourishing in her new home, too. If she's only eating dry food, then she'll need a bit more water than normal as dry food absorbs more water from the body to process it and pass it than canned food does. Have you tried adding canned kitten food to her diet?
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I thought it was just all the dry food . We did give her a little canned when she first got here but I'm balancing giving her kitten food & keeping it away from our other two greedy pusses as it is. On top of that it's fly season so I have to keep everyone's food covered I love august...

I'd check her litter but she happily shares it with the other two cats. I can tell you we took her with us on a weekend vacation last weekend & as much is coming out as is going in!
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