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Flea Infestation

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We have fleas like you would not believe. Despite all the cats being regularly treated with Frontline or Stronghold, there are fleas in every room of the house, in the beds, sofas, cushions and my wardobe! I am covered in bites from head to foot. Yesterday I got back from 6 days away, so happy to be away from the constant irritation, having set off a flea bomb in my bedroom before I left and closed the door against any re-infestation. But at 1 AM this morning I was being bitten alive and I got up, showered, changed my nightclothes and went down to sleep on the sofa. There at least, as it had been treated, I was not bitten for the rest of the night. I have cut up flea collars and put them everywhere, three flea bombs and a whole bottle of the strongest spray the vet could give me, boiling all the bedding and towels - everything I could, lifting all the rugs (I have floor tiles throughout the house) and having them cleaned, and we still have the little blighters. The vet and the pharmacist have told me that it is a particularly bad summer for them, being hot and humid, and some friends have a similar problem, but I really do not know what else to do. Does anyone have any advice - should I give in and call in a pest control company? It is already costing me a fortune.

I am not taking in any more fosters till this is sorted. I think the ones I took to the shelter last week were free of fleas, and I can't find any on my cats. They are on ME! I am wearing a flea collar by the way - in fact five - one round my neck and four on my wrists and ankles. I think they do help, and I doubt they can harm me (the cats are not wearing them, in case someone wonders).
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Can you get your hands on DE (diatomaceous earth)? I use the food grade inside my patios and cat enclosures. You can even sprinkle it on the furniture. We haven't had to use it in the cats/dogs food this year, but we have done that as well.

The commercial grade I use in the yard.
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I love my Dio earth & have been happily sprinkling it around the house to try and kill our house flies (we're on a cow farm, there is no avoiding them!). It worked very well on the fleas our new kitten had!!

However, I think it's time you called in the exterminators :x You're other option is going to involve removing things from the house, dousing EVERYTHING, washing EVERYTHING. Oh I feel so bad for you!!!

GL with the fleas!!
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Just making sure you see this (DE source): http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...8&postcount=13
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Thanks, Tricia. I will contact them. THat is wonderful. The problem is less than it was, but they are still around, and I am afraid they will get worse again if I do not take drastic measures.
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