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Remember Squeaky Fromme?

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Ford Would-Be Assassin to Be Paroled

Ms. Fromme was an early follower of Charles Manson, the architect of seven murders in California in 1969. She had been arrested more than a dozen times before Sept. 5, 1975, in Sacramento, when she pointed a .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol at Mr. Ford from about two feet away. A Secret Service agent, Larry M. Buendorf, grabbed the gun with one hand and Ms. Fromme’s arm with the other, causing the gun to fall to the ground.
The pistol held a loaded magazine, but there was no cartridge in the chamber, so the gun would not have immediately fired.
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Hmmm. I guess she would be in her early sixties now, not too old to be dangerous. I hope she got some very effective mental health treatment while in prison. If not then I'm sure we'll be hearing from her again.
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I'm kind of surprised they're letting her out. I mean, the guy who shot Reagan is on a really short leash. AND she escaped a few years back.
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Maybe it matters because that guy actually hit Reagan. Not that, that should matter IMO.
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she was a manson girl. This whole story just makes me feel old. If she did her time.....that is all thats to that. What is she going to do? Write a book?
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I don't know how much y'all know about her and her association with the Family and Manson. I'm certainly no expert, but I have read enough to have opinions about all this.

Of all of the girls who were his followers, Squeaky is the one I would least want paroled. She led the followers outside the courthouse when Manson and the girls were on trial for capital murder. She continued to try to "incite Helter Skelter" after their convictions and maintained contact with Manson. When she attempted to kill Ford, it was "for Manson". Her escape attempt in 1989 was "so she could be closer to Manson". She was the most rabid of his followers, and if she hadn't seen the light by 1989 I doubt she had now.

I think she's still dangerous. Just because she's in her 60s now doesn't mean she can't aim a gun or pull a trigger. Just because she's a felon doesn't mean she couldn't get a handgun, gang-bangers do it in California and across the US every day. If she still believes any of the Helter Skelter nonsense, with Obama being President she's even more scary.

I don't think she's going to fade into obscurity, though I hope she does just write a book and live as normal a life as she can.
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Sandra Good was the other "true believer", and Fromme's roommate. I wonder if she'll come crawling out of the woodwork again now that Squeaky is free?
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