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i need advice!!!

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I have just got a new pergian cat, hes 1 year and 9 months old - only had him for about 3 days. i want him to settle in in the most nicest possible way. He is fine with me, my mum and dad. But its just my brother he dosent like! Sometime when my 6 year old bro goes up to him he starts making noises at him and runs away! i understand he is scared and dosent like it becus hes getting use to us. Ive been told it take 6 - 8 weeks. It is understandable as he has been use to a 1 bed flat. He likes to hide from us aswell!

Please, please, please can you give me some advice and your stories. Thank you
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If he is used to a smaller house it would be best to quarantine him to a small area of the house or even to one room for the first week or so and then start leaving the door cracked open to see if he will explore on his own, just dropping them right into a brand new environment can be quite a traumatic experience!

Yes he'll hide often until he gets used to being around. Chances are he's not used to children so give him some time. Also, take this opportunity to teach your brother how wonderful pets can be and how to be nice to them. If your brother wants the cat's attention, explain to him that the best way for the cat to be interested in him is if he ignores her completely.

So many children like to pull ears and tails and this won't ever let your cat be comfortable around kids.

I hope your kitty settles down well! Congratulations on being a new cat mommy!
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This is excellent advice. Cats are all about territory, and your kitty is in a new territory with new people - and it will take time. But confining her to one room at first so she can make it her "safe" space (especially if it has a hidey box or she can go under a bed or something) will help her feel less stressed about it all. Maybe have one person at a time sit in there with her - and read out loud - do stuff without trying to interact with her (yes, ignoring her), and just let her get used to all the new scents, sounds, people and then she'll get more comfortable to explore the rest of the new space. Also, doing thing like filling her food dish, changing her water, scooping her litter on a VERY regular schedule really helps. It's very comforting to them to have that schedule and helps reduce the stress of the new environment.
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Thank you x
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As for your brother, have him feed the cat. Cats like the people who feed them.
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