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The breeder I was talking with will not work out.
I found out the price was way more then all the other breeders charge.
My Mentor could not believe the price.
She did guarantee the kitten would win but there is no 1 year health guarantee or HCM scans.
I am so disappointed right now.
No one seems to have a good female alter to show right now.
I had to ask those questions.
Cleo has a heath guarantee and I have her pedigree.
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I suspect the breeder really doesnt want to sell. This is why she "sells" on such bad conditions.
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You know she wrote me about the kitten.
I did not write her.
I am very mad right now.
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Oh Jacky, I am so sorry
Maybe you will meet your new kitten at the show this weekend?
Jacky, I know you are disappointed, but IMO you are doing the right thing in backing up - can you imagine is this kitty had a problem? You would be left with nowhere to turn, no money, and no show kitten.... Also, she can't guarantee he will going to win... Unless she has a crystal ball, she really can't do that.
Jacky, maybe this specific kitten was just not meant to be...... and he is opening a door for the right kitten to come along. Who knows, right? You went through a hard time to find Cleo too, but look - you got a wonderful kitty, perfect for you and your fur family!
Hang in there honey, this kitten will find your way soon...
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Thanks Carolina
Cleo was worth the wait and today is her bday.
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Happy Birthday Cleo!!
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Sorry things didn't work out.
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Happy Birthday to Cleo & mega prayers and vibes that your intended kitten finds it's way into your life very, very soon (Help those angels pick out a winner, HopeHacker )
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Be thankful you found this all out before you sent money/deposit, etc.! I pm's you earlier

The right one will come along - remember patience is a virtue
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I read your Pm.
I had planned on meeting Hope at a cat show before she died.
I had the shows all planned out for the new sphynx.
Thanks everyone for the Bday Wishes for Cleo.
Cleo was worth the wait and has turned out to be a great cat.
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Happy birthday Cleo!
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Time went by fast.
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Cleo's birthday? I can remember when you were waiting to get her! My goodness, time has gone by quickly. Happy birthday, Cleo.
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It sure has.
At this time last year I was looking for a sphynx because that other breeder was playing games.
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Sorry, I missed that it was Cleo's birthday.

Happy Birthday Cleo
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Its ok
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