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Good luck, Kathy! Is this the one you've wanted to take in?
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I have just 8 at the moment and you can see their names in my siggy but I will color them for you!

Preimier, Taniver All Paws crossed ( Yogi). Red Self Persian Desexed Male

Silver Double Grand Champion Captivating Tickle Me Elmo(Elmo). Red Classic Tabby Bi-color Exotic Desexed Male.

Champion & Premier Skybank Loonie Toones(Loonie) Blue Cream Classic Tabby Exotic Desexed Female.

Skiffie Dumbledore(Boy) Black Exotic Desexed Male

Malita Mae West (L.e May) Tortoishell Persian Entire Female.

Graftoon Sing a Rainbow(Holly) Tortoishell Bi-color Persian Entire Female.

Grafton Kinda Nortie But Nice(Sophie) Brown Tortoishell Classic Tabby Entire Female.

Taitirohanga Delight be my desitny(Destiny) Black Persian Entire Female.

Taitirohanga Legally Blonde(Sassy-Blonde@ the moment, Thinking of a name) Orange Eyes White Persian Entire Female.

And on my Birthday next March I'm getting a Devon Rex. Awww! That's 9 and When my 5 Girls have kittens it will some where around 30 I can'y wait

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30 cats! Yikes, Sam, that's more than a full house!
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Well around about. 5 cats having kittens ...
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I bet there is never a dull moment in your house is there Sam with all of your kitties?
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I know it's never dull around here with our gang!

The other night, we were getting ready for sleep and realized, there were NO CATS on the bed! We had to call them so we had cats on the bed, it just didn't feel right otherwise!
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LOL@ Sue
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Hey Mom of Ten....How many of your 13 cats usually sleep on your bed at night? Just curious.
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I have two furry boys.. My dh and I want more kittens/cats.. but we have to wait till our little boy, Logan will arrives on July 17th and we ll have to see how he is doing with cats. My daugher Jana has no problem with cats. Thank god.. Now, i hope Logan ll have no problem with cats too.

Then we can add kitten one more..
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Hmm, usually there is a competition to see who reaches the spot in between us first. Coal claims it most of the time, but occasionally Sunshine or Romeo will get there first and intimidate him. Coal intimidates easily

Max sleeps on my hip. Sasha and Blondie are always on the foot of the bed (our foot-warmers!). The others come and go throughout the night, some quietly, some less graceful than others. (A 25 lb Ragdoll falling off of the windowsill onto your head is not a fun way to wake up at 3 AM!)
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I have about 16 right now.
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We have five kitties living with us, Trixie the matriarch and Sonny the patriarch are both teenagers. The the terrible twosome Argyle and Sister (brother and sister) are nearly two years old, and came from a litter born across the street. Our newest little lovie is Tiny a nine month old who my husband rescued (Sonny was his first rescue in 1989).
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True Sue never dull eh, Do you have a cattery Teresa?

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I have 3.
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I have my 5 year old black kitty with a white middle Patches and I am also half owned by my roomates 3 year old tuxedo kitty Tiger who is a girl. We both had our "kids" spayed long ago.
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Three Fluffketeers!!
Bobbie Love
Zooey Zoo Nuts
Mythilee Bani
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Two cats for me. 1. Felicia a torbie 13yrs old. 2. Beau a sable Burmese 11 yrs old
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I have 13 cats.

and fosters. Right now, 1 adult and 2 kittens.
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Hi I only have 6 inside ones now, Le May now lives in the cattery and we sold, Destiny
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I wonder how many cats are owned by all the members of the catsite all together?
That'd be an interesting statistic.
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I bet that would be a very high number!! Alot of use have over 10!
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2, Morgan who is 1 year old and Abby who is 3.
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