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How Many Cats?

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How many cats does everyone have? *I'll start it off* I have six: Cooper, Tasca, Ruby, Mandi, Sadie, and Willie!
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inside I have Neo, MoeMoe, Nimby, Blizzy, Stormy, Granet and Marble
Outside I have Lilly and Ashton..snowwhite is inside with the kittens now but she will be back out once she gets fixed.
Current MIA kitties are sherbert, Leo, and laura. I haven't seen any of them for awhile so i'm not counting them for now
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2 here.

Sunshine, all black spayed female. 3 years old.

Snuggles, black/white tabby spayed female, 1 year old.
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I have 3 beautiful, but onery kitties!

Echo: Calico
Bud: tuxedo
Tiki: Himalayian
Their pics are in my signature.
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13 and holding...(for now )

Midnight: 11 yrs old, all black, male, my bestest friend in the world.

Sunshine: 4 yrs old, orange and white tabby boy.

Coal: 12 yrs old, Russian Blue gentleman.

Lilith: 3 yrs old, tortoiseshell female, mom of the 6 kittens.

Romeo: 3 yrs old, black medium haired boy.

Sasha: 6 yrs old, Dark Seal point Ragdoll boy.

Tillie: 9 yrs old, tiny little orange longhaired lady.

The kittens (They're 2 yrs old, but they'll always be our kittens!)

Jules: orange tiger boy
Blondie: buff tiger boy
Polly: blue polydactyl boy
Pan: brown tiger girl
Silver: silver tiger girl
Max: dilute tortoiseshell girl
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2 kitties here:

Onyx, my all black boy and Gibbons, my tabby boy
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I should point out that all of mine are rescues, and ALL of them are fixed! (Thank goodness!)
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Dtolle and Mom of 10 Cats- You both have cats name Sunshine? One of my Jack Russell Terriers' names is Sunshine (Sunny for short). What a coincidence!
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I have one cat rescued. But in the future there will be a second one.
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Just one cat here Its all I can afford
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Just 4 over here...Peanut, Rocko, GoGo and Spot. So far the poll is showing that 4-6 is rating pretty low, LOL! Maybe I should get a few more!

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I have 9! Saudi, Alex, Ash, Cham, Chaucer, Ta, Griffin and 2 unnamed kittens.
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5 here
Cheyanne 7 year old sealpoint siamese (female fixed)
Cloud Dancer 6 year old chocolate point siamese (male fixed)
Nickajack 5 year old blue lynx siamses (male fixed)
White cloud 3 year old seal point siamese (Female not fixed)
Grayski 1 year old blue point siamese Male not fixed)
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I have 2 cats
Sammycat-the jet black Manx
Oscar- the grey tabby
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18- and yes I can name them all- But right now don't have time
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I am holding steady with my 2 orange tabbies: Squirt (7) and Joey (4). Joseph is in the pic in my avatar.

Both are males and neutered.

I'd love to adopt a couple more, but Squirt would not be a happy camper to add to the household. I have to consider his happiness before my own.
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Just one-my big bear, my baby bear, my sweet shuge Ivo.

I'd love to have one more furkid to keep Ivo company, but I live in a small apartment and it wouldn't be fair to have more than one cat here.
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i have 2!

Charli is a 2 year old female tortoiseshell/tabby (TORBIE) with a white belly,
Mickey is a year and a half male black and white Tuxedo coloured cat!

my wittle fur babies!!
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Just one baby here... my little Spike. He just turned 3 in April, and his pic is in my signature. (Oh, he's neutered too. )
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I have 2 cats, but I want 5..It may be sometime before I can convince my husband foor 3 more...
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Kathy, you can remind him how much cheaper they are than kids...the cats don't have to go to college!
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I only have 3, Adori, Lita, and Uncle Louie. WOW....Hissy with 18 cats and Mom of Ten with 13? I am impressed. I guess changing the litter box is a full time job LOL! Are they all indoor?
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All of mine are indoor, although we do take them for excursions into the yard on a leash and harness (2 at a time, maximum!) Litterbox chores work because there are 2 of us here, we alternate days so no one has to scoop 2 days in a row!
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Four here.

Milo, a DSH Tabby who's 6.
Popcorn, a DMH Calico & White who's 2.
Coco, a Tawny Abyssinian who's 1-and-a-bit.
Vegemite, a DSH Calico and White who's 5 months.

All are 'fixed' except Vegemite who will be spayed in a month. Hope you picked up the theme in their names!

The feline population can climb as high as 12 or 13 if I have lots of baby kittens.
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My other half just applied for a job at the local SPCA, so we may soon end up with more than 13! I've already forewarned him, if I find an Aby, it's mine.
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But me down for a male deluted calico (gray and peach)kitten
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Um, Val, almost all calicos,dilute or otherwise, are female. Good luck!
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I only have one: baby Luna is an "only child". And me and her daddy spoil her rotten. Maybe in a year or two she'll get a brother or sister. (Of the four-legged variety, of course.)
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Um, Val, almost all calicos,dilute or otherwise, are female. Good luck!
I know that is why I want a male
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Kathy, you can remind him how much cheaper they are than kids...the cats don't have to go to college!
I have used this before..we are probably going to adopt this stray/ferral that comes around our house to eat...he has a bad limp, just noticed it last night, so i think he needs medical attention soon....
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