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My wrestling match

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We bought a wading pool, this morning and since my errands are done for the day, I decided to bathe the dogs.

Pearl was first and she took it very well, as long as she got to hang onto her rawhide bone. It got washed, too. I used a medium bristle scrub brush on her and rinsed her with a spray nozzle. After a good toweling off, I put her in the house and went for Ike.

That big wuss had to be hoisted into the pool and I had to hang onto his collar. He took the scrubbing part pretty well but he doesn't like to be sprayed. He slipped his collar and headed for the back of the yard. Bill had to come out and put a choke collar and leash on Ike, so that I could finish him up. He was even afraid of the towel.

I have a WHITE dog with black spots and a LIGHTER brown dog, now. As soon as they get dry and go back out, I know that they'll be dirty again but, that dirt and dead hair HAD to come off. The silly mutts like to play in water but, when I WANT them in the water, they don't want to go.

They'll get at least one more bath, before the weather gets cold. Next time, I'll get Bill into it, from the start. Phew! If they weren't MY dogs, you couldn't pay me enough, to wrestle with these two!
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That must have been quite a site for you to get them clean!
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I had Mike hook up a hot water spigot outside so that I could bathe Kenai with warm water. She loves her baths now- and tries to bite the water when I spray her off. I think she objected to the cold water and who could blame her!
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And how dirty and wet did you get in the process Cindy?
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I didn't get very dirty. I WAS ankle-deep, in the pool but I was wearing shorts and a sports bra, so I was ready to get wet. Actually, it felt pretty good.

The water, coming out of the hose is not cold. The air temp is 101 and the water is about 80. I won't bathe them outside, in the winter. They'll just have to stay dirty.
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My Jack Russell Terriers are so funny. All you have to do is mention "bath" to them, and the run and hide. Since they don't know the difference between "bath" and "death", they'll run when they hear "death", too!
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Our little dachshund loved the water. He would try to jump in the laundry tubs if we forgot to close him out of the laundry room. And he could do it too, he could jump 5 feet straight into the air from a standing start. If you asked him if he wanted a bath, he would race into the laundry room, and he loved running water from the tap, he would bark and bark and bite at the water trying to catch it. If you forgot to close the bathroom door when you were having a bath, he would jump into the tub with you.

We had to buy him a wading pool, because he would sneak into the neighbours yard and go swimming in their pool, and get little black hairs in their water. Try telling the sales clerk, no, we don't need a turtle pool with a slide, our dog doesn't need that.

But his favourite was going to the beach. He would dive to the bottom of the water and grab hold of huge rocks, clamp his jaws around them and try to bring them up to the surface. I think that if we didn't help him, he would have drowned. I never would have believed that dogs could dive until I saw that.
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That made me think of when I tried to bath Nemo last time. Not only did the big lug throw me on the ground but I was wet from head to toe I can just imagine what my neighbors were thinking. In this picture Nemo was still a puppy at 65 lbs. He is close to 100 lbs now.
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Ike is weighing in at about 85 lbs. and Pearl is about 40. From now on, Bill is going to have to help me with Ike. He's too much for me to wrestle alone.
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LOL Cindy. Sounds like quite an adventure. We had a pomeranian, and she would hide when the word bath was said or even spelled, but she was a very good girl and stood perfectly still while you bathed her and dried her. Then again she weighed like 3 lbs.. LOL!


NEMO is BEAUTIFUL! What a handsome boy!!!
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Nemo IS beautiful!!!! What is his breed?
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Morning! Nemo is Alakskan Malamute and Lab mixed breed. I rescued him from the local Humane Society. He just graduated basic obedience school in April of this year. He went from being the most rowdy dog to the top of his class obedient

I had to put him through this course since he broke my little fingerwith the leash. We are now working on off-lead training: Lots of fun for you and your dogs.
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