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New Bundle Of Joy!

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As some of you might know from my previous posts .. My one year old cat Truffles gave birth to a kitten exactly a week ago today and you have been bugging me to post a picture.

So here it is - Truffles and her new kitten
We do not know the sex of the kitten yet but we are thinking of Simba for a boy and Nala for a girrl.

(Also, this was a couple days after the birth.. The kitten has gotten bigger and has gained more weight since this picture)

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How adorable! Truffles is beautiful! Only 1 kitten? Isn't that unusual?
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There is a good chance it is a boy.
Most kittens that color are.
My Meeko only had 1 kitten also but I lost him a age 5.
Your cats are cute.
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What a sweetie! I love the orange kitties.
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Awwww, can't wait to see more pics of it growing up! It's a cutie, that's for sure! How odd, only one kitten! Easy pregnancy for a cat lol!

From my experience, I've noticed that most red tabby's are males. Not always, as right now I do know of one little red tabby female kitten, but usually they have been males.
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How adorable!
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One cute kitty
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So beautiful! Bless his little heart, and his mom's
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Thank you everyone

The kitten is such a fatty now .. Its sooo cuute!
We are waiting for it to open its eyes
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SO CUTE! Momma is very sweet looking too, definate awwwww.
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My new kitty Brillo had 2 litters with just one kit each time. She was spayed after the second, since she'd required c-sections for both births.

That little kitty is the cutest thing EVER. Just precious!
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Look at those little pink kitty feeties!!! My goodness!!!
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I literally squealed when I saw this!!! He's so ADORABLE!!!

My money is on a boy, too. More orange cats are boys, in my experience.
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