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The most important thing is that your mom is getting proper treatment. Cat bites can cause blood poisoning very easily and should never be ignored. I got bitten by a feral some time ago and although I went straight to ER the bites (in my scalp) turned septic and abscessed and I had six weeks of antibiotics and daily cleansing by a nurse. The cat was trapped and quarantined for three weeks until declared rabies free, and then despite my protests and appeals, he was declared a dangerous animal and PTS. Every vet here I spoke to agreed with this action, but that is French law and custom. He of course was not a domestic cat, so not vaccinated.
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Im not familiar with Pa laws..I should be I live here!! LOL...However Ive been nibbled on many times by my cats but never anything serious..My stove has done more damage to me. But I wanted to share a story I read a while ago about a mastiff in Kulpmont/Mount Carmel area that was attacked by another dog and the girl walking the mastiff tried to break up the fight and was attacked by the mastiff. Needless to say this girl was in critical condition at Geisenger Danville for a while and last I heard they were raising money for her plastic surgery. I was heartbroken for her and her family because due to the nature of the attack and what happened even though the dog was her grandmothers and updated on its shots they made her put the dog down....Im going to try and find a link for this article to post. But I hope everything goes ok for your mom and her wrist gets better!! Ill keep fingers and toes crossed for you
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Thanks everyone for your posts. Mom's wrist is doing much better since her primary doctor switched the antibiotics . Benson has been very mellow too. He is up to date on his shots also.
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OMG Michele, just saw this..I don't venture in here very often.

My little Benson....bad kitty!

I'm glad your mom is healing up....and that Ben is mellowing out.
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