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What are the benefits of raw feeding for cats?
Are there cons?
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You might want to start with this TCS article:
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The cons : If done wrong for your particular cat you could potentially kill kitty ( this is true with all feeding regimes if not properly done)...
possibly making you sick ( note I have a immune disorder and HAVE NOT caught anything when feeding raw ( which tallied up was = to about 8 yrs for raw and 15 plus for homemade )...
CAT REFUSES to eat it ( to me this is the biggest con )

PROS : It is NOT the natural diet but it is Light years closer than traditional foods ....
Enables you to customize to the individual and can be used to aid in treatment of chronic issues ...

Some say it can prevent issues from occurring ( IMHO the jury is still out )

Personally raw and homemade diets IMHO gave me extra years with animals whom I dearly loved and they were QUALITY years not just limping along kind .. While I dont think this type of feeding will prevent issues totally I do think it may prolong them from showing up... ie two cats with kidney issues feed wet/ dry/ cooked and raw were diagnosed at 19 and 15 with CRF not the typical 10 yrs... Note the 19 yr old was diagnosed in 1985

I work some raw and homemade into my kids now diets but none of the five will eat it solely so I customize
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I will look more into it I think.
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Cleaner teeth (from raw meaty bones)
Compact poops/less litter box mess
Healthier coat
Carb free
More water content than kibble
More natural
Overall wellness


Time factor
Some cats dislike it
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Originally Posted by Kimberleigh View Post


For me cost is a Pro, far cheaper than commercial wet food.
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cost is a pro for me also. feeding 20ish cats (depends how many around at any given time, can be up to 26) it costs only $7.50 a day if i were to go all raw which i can't because a few won't eat it. right now it is $8.50 a day with half raw. no raw all commercial would be about $10 or more a day.
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Cost is a pro here as well; I cut my cat food bill in half.

709Juggalette, to answer your initial question, any benefit you would derive from a better level of nutrition, your cats will also get from switching them to a natural diet. It's pretty much that simple.

(Transitioning them, 'though, might be a totally different story. )
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