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Can environment influence bad peeing behavior?

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Ok, Here's the deal:

I have a 6 year old girl cat who pees outside the litterbox. This began about 4/5 years ago when I lived in a townhouse. There were 2 litterboxes (uncovered) (I have 2 cats): 1 in the laundry room on linoleum flooring and 1 at the bottom of a closet over tile. In both these locations she peed on her litterbox mat and the area surrounding the boxes. It got so bad that I had to lay down puppy training pads b/c I tried many many other things and couldn't get her to stop.

Then, I move into a 1 BR apartment and have to put the *one* (still have 2 cats) litterbox in the living room wedged btwn the entertainment center and a wall - so her "litter" room decreased a lot. And I got a covered box to make it more bearable. In the whole year that I lived there she only went on the mat 1 time when I had been on vacation for a week and the sitter didn't clean the box very

Now, I have moved again into a townhouse similar to the previous one and have put the *one* litterbox on the lanolium swatch where the washer/dryer should be. And, lo and behold, she has done it again - on the linoleum and on her mat.

I have changed her litter recently so that MAY be the cause, but I had changed her in the other place and nothing happened. I always thought that in the other townhouse she was stressed b/c I lived w/ my boyfriend and roommates before that and some people weren't very nice to her and that's why she did it. For when I moved in alone, she didn't do it. However, I still live alone, and have been there a month, so she can't be all that stressed. When I moved into the apt, I didn't do anything like Feliway to get her acquainted to the new place and she did just fine.

Anyway, I am planning on buying another box and putting her old litter in it and putting the box over the place where she peed on the floor. And I am also going to try some cat attract additive. But I am wondering if anyone has creative solutions or ideas as to why she's started up this thing again after a year of being clean.

This is really baffling and I am really close to losing it, b/c I thought she was through with this habit. I don't think I can go through another situation where I have to clean up cat pee every day or line the entire room with puppy training pads.

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Although you've been through this before, just to be sure, have you had her vet checked. Moving is stressful for a cat, and stress could mean she got a UTI, which would be an easy fix for this problem and the first thing to rule out....
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Some tried solutions:
-She was checked for urinary tract infection and didn't have any problems.
-Used Feliway, didn't seem to do any good.
-Tried a bigger box, nothing changed.
-cleaned everything w/ enzyme cleaner
-extra box didn't go any good - just made 2 places for her to pee
-changed mats several times
-punishing her, probably traumatized her more
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Another thing I have thought of....The lady who owns my current townhouse lived there about 3-4 years ago (w/ a guy tenant there for the last 3) and she had a it possible the "cat-smell" would've lingered that long? But she also had a washer/dryer in the spot where the litterbox is now.....I don't know, just a thought...
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Could just be the stress of moving. Something you can try, if she is consistently going in the same places, is to uise something like tin foil the places she pees, or around the box (not the entrance!). they don't like the feel, sound, or splash back when they pee on it
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You could always try just putting her mat in a litter pan. Some cats like peeing on things like that. If it works, get more mats so you have them to change out.
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Originally Posted by howtoholdacat View Post
You could always try just putting her mat in a litter pan. Some cats like peeing on things like that. If it works, get more mats so you have them to change out.
Just make sure you don't have any mats like that out of the litter box if that ends up being the answer!
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That's true. Once they think they can pee on it it doesn't matter to them if it's in a pan or on the floor.
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So I got a 2nd litterbox and filled it w/ her old litter and the cat attract stuff and right when i put it down she went over to pee in it! I gave her treats and told her she was a good kitty. I hope this works, if not, then I have other things to try. Thanks everyone for your suggestions (any more also appreciated)!
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Well that's hopeful!!!!!!!!!
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I think you may be onto something when you ask about previous cats living there.

I had two indoor cats many years ago - we had lived in an apartment for their first 3-1/2 years, then we purchased and moved into a home. The former owner had had kitties all her life - there were even some leftover litter droppings in our sun room

In no time, Orfie (the male) began spraying in that sun room. We tried everything to clean it, even put food bowls there - to no avail. Eventually his sister began peeing all over the house, but she was older, and I'm not sure that was connected.

I've always wondered if it had anything to do with his smelling previous cats.
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