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Cat suddenly very jumpy and nervous

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I haven't posted in quite a while but one of my cats is acting strangely and I'm wondering if anyone has advice. We bought a new house about 2 months ago and overall both cats adjusted well and seem to be enjoying their new digs. However, yesterday morning my female started acting very fearful and I can't figure out what set it off. She is not normally skittish and is generally pretty outgoing. She slept with me on Monday night but in the morning my husband couldn't find her and it turns out she was under the bed. She normally spends most of her day laying around in the sun or looking out the window, but she stayed under our dining room table for a good portion of the day. She's very jumpy and keeps looking over her shoulder like she worried something is going to sneak up on her. She's eating, using the litter box, and recently was at the vet for a check up so I don't believe it's a health issue. She just seems really spooked. Last night she snuggled with me in bed but it took her a long time to settle and she kept staring at the door which started to make ME feel a little paranoid! LOL! I also notice that she seems very nervous in the basement where I keep the food and litter and again keeps looking over her shoulder constantly. We have an enclosed sun room that she loves to lounge in during the day but she hasn't ventured out there at all since yesterday. I'm really at a loss. We had no bad thunderstorms or anything obvious that might have scared her. She was completely fine on Monday night when I went to bed. My other cat who is the more nervous of the two in general seems fine. For a while i was thinking maybe he sneak attacked her or something but they usually get along and when they do get into scuffles she can hold her own very well. I'm not really noticing that she's nervous around him in particular. Anyway, I'm clueless so if anyone has ideas/advice on how I can get her to calm down I'd appreciate it!
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I'd suggest observing her for a couple more days and if she doesn't seem any better talk to the vet.
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Hi sweetseamus -
When I moved into my current home I had a problem with a neighborhood cat that was an outside cat, he used to jump on the windowsills outside, and flip out my girlcat that would sit on the windowsills inside. She used to screech and fight through the screens... after an episode would happen, she wouldn't be right for days. Nervous and aggressive, with her tail swishing around. She wouldn't let her brother anywhere near her and couldn't seem to relax.

Anyway, maybe your kitty saw an animal outside that frightened her when she was lounging in the sunroom?

As far as how to solve the problem... if that was the case, I don't know. I had to stack bricks and window flower boxes on my outside sills to keep the neighborhood cat off them, also put craft paper over the basement windows so she couldn't see the other cat. Not 100% effective but it helped.

Also, the only thing I found to help her get over it was patience and extra sunggles.

Good luck!
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Thanks, yes, I'm beginning to think it was something she saw outside. We live in a country setting and there is quite a bit of wildlife around. We also have a neighborhood cat that likes to "visit" my cats. So far she hasn't been very aggressive but Smudge doesn't like her one bit, so maybe some type of squabble happened through the window screen that I was unaware of...anyway, she seems a little bit calmer today so hopefully she'll be back to normal before too long.
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