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Memorial for Maizi and Sapphy

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Two years ago, my mother and I went to our local animal shelter to adopt a kitten. We looked all around, but didn't seen any, since it was too early in the kitten season. On our way out, however, there were two little black kittens that had escaped our notice until then. We played with them a little bit, but it was impossible to pick just one, so we brought them both home. Their names were Snickety and Pearl, but we renamed them Maizi and Mandi. Well, last August we were rounding up all of our cats to come inside, but Maizi wasn't there. Mandi had come home with a terified look on her face. We searched for months and did everything imaginable to find her ...but she couldn't be found. Later, we had heard of Coyotes being in our area. That must have been it- she was wearing a bell... We think Mandi witnessed her sisters death.

Afterwards, Mandi was emotionally traumatized. She needed a friend. Last September, I was looking through the classified ads when I spotted one for six week-old kittens. I knew it had to be the one. When we got there, there were about two or three different litters there, all around the same age. There were three that caught our attention: a black, a red, and a gray. My mother and I both needed some time to think it over, so we took a drive and discussed it. We had chosen the red and the gray. After taking them in to pet smart and buying the essentials, we brought them to their new home. But something wasn't right... Someone was missing. We needed that little black kittie. So the very next day, we went back to the guy's house and adopted her. The three were happy together, and we named the red one Shakepeare (which soon developed in to Willie), the gray one Sadie, and the black one Sapphire (Sapphy for short). Within a week, Sapphy got sick; and at about midnight, she wasn't even moving. We rushed her to the animal hospital, but before they could find out what was wrong, little Sapphire died.

Anyway, soon Sadie and Willie got sick with the same illness. They had coccidia, and so had Sapphy. Since she was the runt, it got her before it reached the other two. They also were improperly weaned, and we had to retrain them. Soon, they recovered from their disease, and were completely healthy. Mandi made quick friends with them. So, it all worked out: Mandi got her Maizi back, and Willie and Sadie got their Sapphy back, metaphorically speaking.

Here's a photo of Mandi's sister, Maizi, the cat whom the coyotes got...

Here's dear little Sapphy, who died at seven weeks due to coccidia, starvation, and dehydration.

(Afterwards, we contacted animal control about the inhumane treatment of the kittens for sale. All of those kittens were then taken to the local no-kill shelter from where we've gotten all of our previous cats.)
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What a hard and painful lesson/experience to go through. First the loss of Maizi, to what you believe was another predator, and then to have the kittens you adopted bring in their own sort of predator this disease that claimed a life.

I am glad the other kittens recovered and they have become such strong friends now.

Any time someone loses a pet, it will always affect them, such as Maizi and Sapphy's passing has affected you now. In time, you find your way back to peace about it, and one of the final steps is to leave a bit of them in the here and now. I am sure by now you have experienced the other stages of grief, the denial (Maizi will come home any day now) the anger, the extreme sorrow, the depression- it all comes, and it all hits you as you walk the path towards healing.
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Thank you, hissy... And I've been at peace about it for quite some time now. I just thought they both deserved to be aknowledged.
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