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rescue and shelter protocols

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OK - question for those of you who rescue, volunteer for rescue, do shelter work.

If a cat has ear mites - how do you treat it? I had two fosters diagnosed by a vet - she wanted to give me prescription ear drops that work quickly on the mites and then after the eggs hatch. Our rescue director said ...nahhh.... use mineral oil in their ears twice a week for two weeks.

Is that what YOU guys do? I have also read on the internet that it takes more like a month worth of doses to kill the mites this way.

Another thing about this - I was willing to pay for the ear drops and Revolution for the cats that were exposed... and the rescue said aw, don't do that, use the oil, etc. I was also only given two doses of Rev - for the diagnosed cats. That didn't seem right.
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So we have always used something called Tresaderm. Then last week I had a couple of the cats at the vet & both had mites. Talked to the vet & it turns out that it is not approved for use on ear mites. So the vet suggested Revolution. He said that we should give 2 treatments one month apart.
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We give the drops, but I know why she's asking you to use the mineral oil. It may take longer, but it's cheaper and in the long run, that's what emphasis is on these days. If your shelter is anything like mine, this economy is hitting and it's hitting harder than it should.
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We use MitaClear...it's 5 treatments every 3 days. We also try to revolution them if they have not already been treated for fleas/ticks.
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