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What did your cats eat today?

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Today my cats had some lightly cooked (raw hurts their tummies at least for now) chicken mixed with their canned food. Can't wait until they are fully on raw.
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Breakfast was 8 ounces of ground chicken wing shared between the five cats. Lunch was 1 ounce of liver and 1 ounce of kidney for each cat, and dinner will be a turkey drumstick shared between the five.

I've been feeding raw for several months now and I have to say, I STILL derive pleasure in watching them eat, especially when they eat every scrap of organ meats and look around for more.

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a couple chunks of beef liver, beef heart, chicken thigh w/ bone, mixed in egg yolk & a couple sardines...

He's turned into a grazer lately (after I accidentally left food out a little too long one night, perhaps also due to the sudden heat) and now he doesn't eat as much as he did in one sitting but will return within a couple hours to finish the rest -- this makes my life a living hell now, as I don't feel comfortable leaving raw out without serious risk of it spoiling (especially with how hot & humid it's been lately)... yuck.

So, I went out and bought a couple cans of Wellness to mix in to encourage him to eat more at sittings. It hasn't really helped. He eats the raw chunks out of the food, so I know it's not a sudden aversion to raw. I honestly am clueless how to get him back on schedule and don't feel comfortable with the "starvation method".

I had tried a new recipe this week, that strongly smells of beef liver. I hate the smell, and I'm pretty sure that's what's turning him off, too - so I will try a new batch of the old recipe and will see if this behavior improves.


ETA: Other sites have said it is quite normal for cats to "slow down" in especially hot/humid weather and as long as he's still eating, he's fine. He still plays normally, uses litterbox normally. Today we had slightly better weather (less hot/humid) and he ate normally - go figure. Still plan to go back to the old recipe this weekend when I make a new batch of food.
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Tonight's menu is beef heart with steak
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Breakfast was some canned organic cat food.

Dinner will be beef heart and a duck neck.
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Tonight will be turkey necks and a drumstick.
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The cats had lightly cooked hamburger and chicken with whatever cat-safe in the fridge I had (veggies, fruits, tiny bit of rice.). I added a tiny bit of olive oil. They also had about an ounce each of kibbles moistened with homemade low-salt chicken broth. Not "raw" but yummy for a special treat.

You can also post recipes if you'd like.
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I actually don't use recipes, just the 80% meat, 10% bone, 5% liver, and 5% other secreting organ rule.

Tonight was their first meal of raw pork and they LOVED it Had to wait for it to freeze first for three weeks though to be safe, but it was defently worth the wait they think
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