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Please pray for the cats of Denver

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This is so upsetting.....since I hadn't heard of any more for a few months I had hoped the killing and mutilations had stopped. Apparently it was just a break.

At least Colorado passed new animal abuse laws last year that makes it a felony. There may be some justice after all when/if these murders are caught.

$12,000 reward offered for info on cat mutilations

Written By: Web Producer Paola Farer

DENVER - There have been four more mutilated cats found in the metro area in the past week. Investigators say these are very similar to a series of attacks last summer - but they don't know if there's a connection.

The Dumb Friends League of Denver has put up a $12,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for the mutilations.

Authorities say they are absolutely sure these cats are not being attacked by animals, but rather by a person who is dismembering them with a very sharp object.

In the past week, there have been four cats found mutilated, two of them last Friday. One case was in Aurora, near Yale and Peoria, the other in Centennial, near University and Dry Creek. And then, two more were found this week, one in that same area of Aurora and the other in Highlands Ranch.

Authorities say there are definite similarities to nine other cat mutilations last summer. And while they are following up on numerous tips, so far, no arrests have been made.

Animal control officers in each jurisdiction are working with local police to try to catch this person. If caught, they could be charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty, which is a felony here in Colorado.

They're asking the public to call this number with information: 303-932-0022. It's the Denver Dumb Friends League animal cruelty investigations unit.

"A case of egregious animal cruelty such as this is absolutely unbelievable,†said Kristina Vourax, with the Denver Dumb Friends League. “And what's really important for people to be aware of is that people that commit these types of crimes often times then turn to humans, so it's really important that we find out who's doing this, not only to stop the cruelty to animals but to prevent possible violence toward humans in the future."

The Denver Dumb Friends League says the cat mutilated in Centennial last week was a red tabby cat and they desperately want to find the owner. So if you live there and are missing a similar cat, you're urged to call.
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OMG!!!! That is so horrific. I hope they catch that evil evil person soon.
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This just sickens me. This is how serial killers start out. I hope they find the psycho before more animals become his victims.
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I'm speachless right now. How sad!
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Those poor kitties. They didn't ask to treated that way.

And as for the perpertrators....
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When they catch whoever's responsible, I hope to god they give him a long stay in jail. I am so tired of seeing people who commit atrocities getting off with a slap on the wrist from the law.
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well i name for sick person who like gods creature cats even know i
get banned i am not going say the name doesn't sick person care that
there are heartbroken cats crying because their cat not with them
anymore yes i do agree this how serial killer begin their sick work
hurting innocce cats,dog,kitten,puppy, hey guys cats have right live
happy little cat live with out wonder some sicko going to hurt them
but i know when this sick person is caught and he has judgement day
with you know who he will see poor little kittys cats he kill be in
god garden but he won't be you know where well be praying everyday
hoping this sicko get caught and all little cats who gone the catheaven be happy and healthy up there with god
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Oh Heidi, that is just sickening. Horrific, really, is a much better word for it. Prayers for the kitties going up.
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