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I may regret this........

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I was in PetSmart the other day stocking up on cat food when I was approached by a woman who was asking questions about cat food. We started talking and she saw me looking at the kitties in the cat cages. She then tells me about a kitten she has that needs a home. She rescued this kitten, but she already has 10 cats, and can't possibly handle another one. She tells me that this kitten is very sweet and affectionate, and she has offered to deliver her to me, and she will take her back if it doesn't work out.

So, thinking my Dusty girl (age 6) may need a baby sister, I agreed, and she is bringing her over later today.

Dusty is an in/out cat, so I'm thinking that if the kitten gets on her nerves, she will just go outside. I don't want to encourage the baby to be outside.

So we went to Las Vegas for a long weekend, and when we got home, we got royally reprimanded. Dusty cried and cried, for hours! She was happy to see us, and just climbed all over me begging for pets and kisses. So, you see, I'm thinking that having a little sister might keep her company and amused when we are gone. I certainly hope so.
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I think you'll be very glad you brought that kitten home. I once thought I might regret a kitten I brought home. I already had three cats. Never, ever have I been so wrong. Seti is the delight of the household. Even the older kitties adore him. Well, Kit doesn't but Kit is pretty self obsessed so we don't count her vote.
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Oh how exciting - I hope Dusty approves!
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I hope it works out.
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She was supposed to call me this afternoon and bring the kitten to me. But I never heard from her.

Let's see if she calls tomorrow. I will only call her one more time. If she doesn't get the kitten to me, then I'll assume she wants to keep her. Kittens are free, but then there are the shots and spaying!
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Kitten arrived this evening. She's about 10 weeks old and a short haired all black kitty, full of energy.

Dusty is NOT impressed. She's jealous. I don't know what to do with the newcomer tonight. I think I may put the kitten in our guest room with the door closed overnight so Dusty won't be so stressed.
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Could you possibly keep them separated for at least a few days? That way they will be able to smell each other without any confrontation. Don't take it badly if they don't get along right away, they almost always have a little fit when there's another kitty added to their "domain" . Don't let this first meeting determine the future- I've always taken first meetings with a grain of salt.

Take it very slow, give it time. It may take many months for her to adjust, I've had Taylor for about a year now and she's just recently completely settled in

Can't wait to see pictures of your new little arrival! I'm sure once Dusty figures out that this little kitten will be her entertainment, she will just adore her. Good luck!!!
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Originally Posted by Dusty's Mom View Post

Dusty is NOT impressed.
Lol! Yeah, that's how that goes. Kit tried to kill Seti the first time she saw him. Things are much better now!
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Before I knew anything about putting new cats together, I got a kitten, and had a resident adult, female cat. The first few days, the adult cat was very jealous, and wouldn't even LOOK at us. She would sit in the middle of the floor with her back turned. And occasionally sneak peeks over her shoulder to make sure we were being sufficiently punished! But within a couple of months, they were sleeping together, washing each other, and everything.
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i must of been truely lucky with sooty and flash they instantly bonded well flash had a bit hiss the first night and then after that they were curled up together fast asleep and they now never part but i dunno if it was because flash was only about 4ish months old anyways

i hope Dusty settles down soon
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I would go slow with the kitten.
You need to make sure there are no germs first so Dusty will not get sick.
Icould let Dusty sniff the kitten in the carrier first then put the kitten in the guest room.
When Coco met Meeko she was 10 and Meeko was 2.
Coco was great but Meeko would his non stop and growl.
Coco is 17 now and Meeko is 9 and they are best friends.
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I think we are at a week & a half since we added peaches? M.k. is just ignoring her completely, walking right past her & Tasha has finally gotten brave enough to run up and sniff her before running away again. However, Peaches is extraordinarily passive! She doesn't react at all when Tasha hissed at her (all day yesterday in small bursts of hit & runs! ). We are well on our way to Feline Family Unity!

I've never been a big fan of the 'separate them for a week method' (to each his own!). I think the best thing to do is to listen to your cats, and make smart, sensible decisions about what they can handle. Lots of hiding places and separate bowls in an open house has always worked for me.

Best of luck with the new kitteh!!
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Dusty doesn't seem to be bothered by the kitten's smell. I've done the washcloth thing, and rubbed Dusty with the cloth, with no reaction at all. They can even be in the same room together, and if Dusty can't see her, she is fine, but once her eyes lock on the kitten she growls, hisses, and will even try to attack her.

I know some have had success with Felaway (sp) and I tried that when we had Ashley, but it didn't work. I still have the difuser, but we live in a 2 story open house, and I can't afford difusers in every room.

We are keeping Squeak locked in the guest room at night with her toys, food, water and litter pan. We can still hear her pitiful cries, and it breaks my heart. But Dusty sleeps with me, and she would never relax if Squeak was in the room with us, and we could never sleep knowing that WW3 might break out is an instant!
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It actually sounds as if it's going very well! I usually isolate the newcomer at night or if I have to leave, but let them have supervised free run during the day. I've never done the "separate for a week thing" either.

I've never had to go longer than a week before I can let everyone comingle 24/7. I have two medium sized dogs, too, but everyone enjoys being together like a pack, with varying degrees of tolerance/affection between individual members.

I've had my latest addition for 3 weeks and things get better every day. The dogs love Brillo and she's begun rubbing ("scrubbing" LOL) on all the pets without incident.

Hang in there!
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Originally Posted by Dusty's Mom View Post
I know some have had success with Felaway (sp) and I tried that when we had Ashley, but it didn't work. I still have the difuser, but we live in a 2 story open house, and I can't afford difusers in every room.
We use far less diffusers than the directions recommend and still have had success with them. Just put them where the cats are most often.
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Update: Dusty and Squeak both slept in our bed last night. They aren't sleeping together, and Dusty will still complain if Squeak gets too close. Today I left them alone in the house together for a few hours, and the house was still standing when I returned! That's good news!
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I remember how great I felt when I realized my two would actually sleep on the same bed - of course, for months it was one on either side of me! While they're still not cuddling up, I often see them grooming each other while we're sleeping, and now they at least will sleep on one side of the bed, leaving mommy at least three inches of the queen sized bed.

Great work!!!
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Like a few that have posted Ive never seperated my cats when introducing them. I just let them go at it, well not fighting or anything like that, but let them get the lay of the land and get used to each other...When I got Hercules he was 6mths old abadoned with his litter mates by his mom and was bottle fed and taken care of by my mom till I convinced BF I couldnt live without him. He did great but had massive seperation anxiety when left alone. So I adopted FatMan from a friend who couldnt afford him anymore and he slept under the covers in the bed for 2 weeks and then was fine till we moved and proceded to hide for 2 weeks again and now is fine 8 mths later. GiGi is our newest addition and gets along great with everyone except FatMan cuz he doesnt like anyone unless you feed him hence the name FatMan. GiGi and Hercules are best buddies play and do everything together including potty, eating, and sleeping in bed with us. Even with having a dog everyone gets along and has their own cohesive spaces where they go for naps or relaxing time and I make sure to give them all attention individually. IMO everything will work out for you and everyone will live happily ever after... :o)
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