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Farewell Sooty

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Our beautiful Sooty was put to sleep last night. A tumour growing inside her meant that she couldn't eat, although she was hungry all the time, and she was slowly dying of starvation.

I can't begin to describe what a rare and special cat she was. She was so tiny that, even at 13 years old, people meeting her for the first time thought she was a kitten. But there was a giant character crammed inside that skinny black body, a character who gave us seven years of laughter and affection after we found her and her sister in a forlorn state at the RSPCA rescue centre.

We fear now for Charlie, Sooty's sister, who is a timid and fragile girl, not in the best of health herself. She has never been separated from Sooty before, and must now learn to get by without her cheeky, confident, big little sister looking out for her.

Goodbye Sooty, and hang in there Charlie.
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I am so sorry for your families loss. Sooty sounded like a great cat, really special.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Many and thoughts are with you and yours during this time.

I that Charlie's grief eases
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RIP, Sooty, and that Charlie can cope with her loss.
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I'm so sorry for Your loss. Rest in Peace Sooty.
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Sooty certainly sounds like she's a special girl

Play happily at the bridge angel

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Oh, I am sooo sorry for your lost. RIP little angel!
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very sorry to hear about your loss, I hope Charlie is okay too.
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Goodbye, sweet Sooty. Watch over Charlie and your family from the Bridge. The aura of your love will comfort them during this difficult transition to life without you. While you play with the others that have gone before you, remember you will all be reunited again.
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Thank you all for your kind and warm words.

The good news, a few days on, is that Charlie is doing well. Every now and then she looks for Sooty in the places where she used to sleep, and she keeps a little closer to us than before, but she is eating well and generally coping better than we are!

I need to figure out how to do photos here. Maybe at the weekend!
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I am so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace sweet Sooty.
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My thoughts are with you and your family. Play well at the rainbow bridge sweet Sooty.
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RIP Dear Sooty... Meowmy miss you........
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