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Do your cats talk?

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I swear my little cat can say "I Love You" . Am I nuts?
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No, you are not "nuts." But, never fear, your feline friends will like you anyway! My present feline family eschews imitations of human language, so far. But we shall see what the future brings!


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Of course they talk in their own special ways. I get quite a few I love yous and I am sure a few other things that would be inappropriate to post here
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my cats are always talking, there favourite things to say consist of;

'I Love You' and 'Mom, I'm hungry!!! Feeeeeeeed Me!!!' 'I want a treat!!!'

and i know they talk to one another, telepathically. if i've got the string out
and i'm playing with one of them quietly, you had better be sure that the
rest of them will saunter in within the minute.

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Two of my cats talk constantly. Ivan and Carson carry on conversations all the time. We talk every morning before I go to work. They love it and the talking will become so intense they they roll on the floor meowing and talking. I love it although I have to tell the to Shush in the middle of the night.
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my girls are a mix manxs, and they hardly ever talk (with meows that is). the only time one of them meows is when I'm opening up the can of wet food, and then it's always very soft & small. not even complete. they are very quiet little angels. sometimes I wish they were more vocal, but I should be careful what I wish for!
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I'm starting to believe that my kitten is a human in a fur coat! :p

Last night I asked if she wanted to go outside, and she just rowred "I wawawawawant oooout!!" with little breaks in her speech, just like people lol

I'll be at the funny farm, if you need me
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if thinking your cat talks is nuts, then I'm all out insane. I have full conversations with my cat (or at least, I like to think I do) consisting of everything from "You're such a pretty kitty" to "will you please shut up?" in 'catese' as I like to call it. And we go on from there in an entire exchange of different meows and purrs until one of us gets tired of it and leaves...or in Sasha's case, falls asleep. I'm coming to the funny farm too!
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No, you are just fine. My cat can say that too. It is great that people like us can communicate with our feline friends.
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I am so glad to read this thread!!! I have heard Merlin "talk" to me...but I never even told my friends that, for fear they would think I was nuts!!! :laughing:
My 13 outside cats don't say anything at all that I recognize....but Merlin....oh ya... he has been inside since he was 6 weeks old, I even bottle fed him, and he "talks" to me. (when he feels like it) he has quite the attitude....but when I snuggle him and kiss him, and tell him I love him....he says, clear as day..."Yessssssssss"
Maybe I am insane??
He also talks when I say, "Merlin...Merlin....where are you?"
he comes up and rubs on me and says...."right here."
I must be imagening it, surely....but it sure as heck SOUNDS like it!!
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