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All wet for Hope...

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So, it turns out that Hope refuses to eat Orijen, Acana, or a mix of the two... Lucky And Bugsy eat it well, and I tried to do a VERY slow transition from Nutro kitten (wanted her to gain some weight) to Orijen/Acana, and nothing.... at the moment I remove nutro from it, she quits eating. Mind you, I did this transition for a couple of months, so there is really no point in doing any slower.
I can't minx nutro into the food and leave it out because Bugsy is allergic to chicken, and even a little bit will give him diarrhea.
So, I decided that the girl is going on wet only - for now natural balance, as it is what I have here, and she loves it, but I might have to look for a more economical choice - which can be hard for a by-product free food . I will see how she likes Authority, but I think in the end it will be the same, as NB I need to feed a 1 1/4 can/day, and Authority 2 cans...
Bugsy eats a little wet, and mainly kibbles, Lucky unfortunately only eats kibbles....

God - three kitties, a very distinctive taste!
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Punkin is like that. If I put one piece of a cat food he doesn't like in a full bowl of the stuff he does like, he won't touch it. And we've found only two or three foods he would eat at all.

Funny how a "street cat" could be so fussy. But it explains why he was so skinny when we adopted him; he wasn't eating at the shelter.
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