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Daily Thread Tues August 4th!

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The best thing about a long weekend, is the short week that follows it! I love that its already Tuesday!

Its going to be hot and thunderstormy today. We are going to be starting the prep for painting our new place tonight. We have never painted before so it should be interesting.

Nothing else happening today really though. But the painting should be enough excitement for now.

Anyway, you all have a good one!
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Back to work for me this morning. I'm almost afraid to see the pile of stuf that's undoubtedly arrived while I've been off, but at least I know I'll be busy, and I only have 4 days to get through.

No plans other then that.

Have a good day everyone!
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Good morning

Not much happening today. I'm having difficulty moving alot which is entirely my own fault, but oh so worth it even if I have to have a couple bad days.

Just relaxing.... if I get so I can safely drive, then we'll head up to the library, and maybe my mom's later on this after noon.

Have a good day folks.
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Hello All!!

Painting tip.... If you are not finished with a color and going to paint the next day just stick the wet brush into a plastic bag and seal around handle with a twist tie and stick in refrigerator. That avoids washing the brush out and waiting for it to dry. Works great!!

Well we are in for a sunny but less humid day. Was outside earlier in the flower beds and planted some of the plants I got last week.

Got to get ready for work shortly then more garden work tonite too.
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Morning All!!

Looks like it is blowing up a thunderstorm here as well. So far Aug is proving to be just as rainy as July was.

Have a couple of errands to run today which I will do shortly, and I also need to returned couple of books to the library. I see they are having a travelogue today for the Arctic Circle so I may hang around for that.

When I get home I just have to put my laundry away.

Today is my last day for raw vegetables and soy protein and although I have enjoyed the food and accomplished what I set out to do I will be happy to start adding new stuff into my diet tomorrow. I already have a large pot of vegetable stew in the planning stages.

The kitties are good this morning, playing in a paper bag right at this moment.

Everyone have a great day
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Morning. Tuesday, yep. That it is. I woke up hurting and in a bad mood, so it's just gonna be one of those days probably. I hope it gets better!

I might meet BF for lunch today after a site inspection I have to do near his work. Or I might go Thursday. I like to meet for lunch, but then I feel bad that I'm not going home to see Genever for lunch. I do think she much prefers to have people home and not be alone. And BF is catching on to that too, which is why talk of a new kitty keeps coming up these days..

Anyway... I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday and isn't in a bad mood like I am!
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