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Question about Prednisolone liquid

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Hello everyone:

I have a big problem, my cat Lucas takes 5 mg of prednisolone every two days to control his Lupus and I don't understand why, the pharmacies in my area are not ordering it anymore, so the only one I can buy it from is our vet. There is only one pharmacy that has it, but only liquid and I wanted to know if any of your kitties have taken prednisolone liquid. The calculated the right dose and everything, but I'm just not sure if I should give him liquid or go to the vet and get the pills.

It is just so hard to give him those pills, I hate to upset him because his lupus is triggered by stress.

Please help

Thanks in advance
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Coco has had it in liquid before and it worked out well.
You need to shae it well before you use it though.
I get her bp meds compounded all the time also.
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Pharmacies behave like other retailers - if an item is not in great demand, they will discontinue ordering it.

If you are saying that there is one pharmacy there that can fill the liquid Prednisolone Rx and, if it is a reputable pharmacy, then, by all means take it from them.
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Liquid would probably be better, as you could mix it with his food...
I would call the vet just to make sure it is ok...
Good luck!
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Thank you all, I called the vet yesterday and he told me the right dose of prednisolone liquid and I gave it to Lucas, it was a lot easier than giving him the pill. I didn't put it in his food because I was afraid of him not getting the whole dose and with Lucas you have to make sure he gets the whole medicine because he gets sick so fast.

Thank you all
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