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RIP Babygirl

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Last week we took B.G. to the vet for her ultrasound and they found that, while there wasn't anything like cancer making her so sick, they couldn't see any cause for it. By that point, too, it had become hepatic encephalopathy which is where the toxins that built up in the liver due to it not being able to function went to her brain and was making her delirious, confused, and she didn't know who we were anymore. She'd get lost in the small room we had her in.
It was hard to make the decision to euthanize since we'd all fought so hard for so long, but there was nothing we could do at that point that would ensure her survival and what we could have done would only have prolonged the enevitable.

Rest in Peace, Babygirl. Eat all you can at the bridge. We'll miss you down here.
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Rest in peace little angel. You're now healthy, whole and happy with plenty to do until you are reuntied with your beloved human family.
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sleep well Baby babies are up there with you.
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Play happily over Rainbow Bridge, little BG...when you woke up on the Other Side, you knew your family again - you recognized their love shining up to you
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RIP, Babygirl, back to yourself again.
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I am so sorry.

Rest in peace sweet Babygirl.
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The poor angel, i'm so sorry

Your healthy again at the Bridge Babygirl

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