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I took Cindy to the vet today because she had something on her nose, near her eye, and I was worried it might get infected. The vet says it looks like a scratch and I should put neosporin on it. She said it's perfectly safe, and I should just use a q-tip to swab a little bit of ointment on the scratch. But it's so close to her eye I'm very worried about getting it in her eye. Does anyone have any advice on how I can go about doing this without her getting any in her eye? Also, is it safe if she or Swanie lick it after it's on her? I know the neosporin tube says to call poison control if you accidently eat some. I actually had to call poison control once because I mistook it for the toothpaste tube in the dark They told me to just eat some crackers because it might upset my stomach.
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Just make sure its plain neosporin, some have a topical pain treatment in it. Put a teensy on a soft piece of tissue or a cotton ball and that should be just enough to cover the stratch. In applying the stuff I would also come from behind the cats head not straight on. A suprise attack!

Licking it isn't an issue because it is such a little amount. They'd have to eat almost the whole tube for it to be an issue.

I give it to ReeRee because he is contantly poking a hole in his gum, he has very shaky motor function and whacks his head sometimes and his tooth goes through his gum. My vet says to just clean it and apply the neosporin as needed.
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Neosporin is fine - like the above post, just make sure it is the plain, original neosporin, and not the pain one.
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I use it on Cleo and it works well.
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
Neosporin is fine - like the above post, just make sure it is the plain, original neosporin, and not the pain one.
I have used it for years on my cats, with wonderful results. I even used it on my eye once, when I caught pink-eye in the back country - all it did was blur my vision for a few hours, but it cleared up the complaint.
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Thanks for the tips, I haven't tried it yet, that will be tonight if I can get her out from under the bed
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I've used it on my cats for many years with no problems. I've found with Neosporin that a little bit goes a long way!
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I use it on my cats, helps a lot.
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