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3 neg fecals and a goopy eye

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My poor foster boy, Archie. He still has soft, smelly poo. Diarrhea bad on occasion, like last Tuesday night. 3 negative fecals. And now his eye seems swollen and green stuff is draining off. I have wiped it down when I can with a damp cotton ball, but I know it needs to be looked at.

If my rescue won't take him in for a check up, I for sure am going to call around tomorrow. I am tired of all the piece-meal doo-dadding going on with this group. Arch has had poo problems since he came in almost 7 weeks ago.

I have been patient, but not any more.

ETA: oh, everyone is back on Albon. But I have a sneaking hunch that whatever he has , if it is bacterial ... could be resistant or does not respond to this drug.
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Has he been checked for T-F?

What about food allergies? Have you investigated that possibility?
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Originally Posted by stephanietx View Post
Has he been checked for T-F?

What about food allergies? Have you investigated that possibility?
Unless TF is part of the regular fecal test for parasites, the answer is NO. He has not seen the vet since the crappy one at the animal control where I pulled him from.

This is why I am TIRED of being dinked and piece-mealed around by the rescue. I have told them time and again that I would PAY for any treatment that Archie needs. I'm told ... oh... you don't have to do that. YES I DO ... if I want prompt action!

Food allergies are also a possibility - but there really is no "test" for that as far as I know, like IBD - it is a "rule out" diagnosis. First, it's important to determine if there are any medical problems, then try food. Though I have moved to a more sensitive stomach dry for all the fosters and most everyone seems to be doing better on it. He is a special case.
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TF is NOT a reg fecal ... read the links and take with to vets so they can get a Good sample
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As Sharky said, the test for T-F is not part of the normal fecal test, so you'll need to ask for it specifically. As for food allergies, the only way I know of to determine what it is is by process of elimination.
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OK - so I guess tonight's poo sample in the fridge is not going to work. Now I need to convince the vet that this is the way to go. He is on Albon BTW so the culture may not work.

And yes -I understand that food intolerances need to be a r/o diagnosis, as I said above.
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Poor Archie - he is both poopy and goopy! He has an eye infection. Aw, he cried all the way to the vet and back but was great while there.

I have some terramycin for him. The vet said to isolate him... Sheesh... I really don't have any place to put him... and they have all been exposed already.

I can hardly wait - six cats with eye infections. Boy I hope not.
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Were you able to get a stool sample or was the vet able to get one? I put my girl's stool specimen in the fridge overnight. Freaked the husband out, but it worked for the vet! LOL

Terramycin is a wonder drug for my cat. Works like a charm in a couple of days when she gets an eye infection. Has Archie been rubbing at his eye or is it just goopy? Don't forget to wipe the eye frequently with a warm cloth or cotton ball to remove the buildup.
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