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we had our little guys in for their check-up today and rosie has very rough sounding lungs. he has no other symptoms, no fever, no coughing, no nasal discharge. he does pant after periods of extended play. he is getting a blood test to rule out heartworm (he has gotten revolution already) and will be getting chest films done in a week or two, but the vet thinks it is most likely asthma.

does any one here have any experience with kitty asthma? how is it managed for your cat? how has it impacted their life? the vet talked to us about possibly needing steroids or antihistamines for flare-ups, getting heppa filters and maybe an air purifier.
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I have a cat who was diagnosed with asthma. His case is relatively mild, but he does experience short bouts of coughing. I give him steroids daily via an inhaler, as oral medications are associated with some undesirable side effects.

This is a well-known site on feline asthma:


Best of luck to you and Rosie!

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My 17 year old Coco has Asthma.
She has a inhaler for it.
Coco used to get Depo Medrol shots but they caused problems so we switched to a inhaler.
Coco has allergies which mae her Astma act up.
That site has a lot of info and it and is a great site.
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