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Could I bum some vibes for the Beau

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Unfortunately my Beau has been having a rough few weeks! He had his car broken into while he was home and they stole his GPS and Sirius radio so they didnt take anything major but just a pain in the you know what! He was extremely lucky they didnt take his checkbook that was in his glovebox....
But they have caught the girl and are looking for the guy, apparently the fbi has taken the case because hes broken into around 15 cars and stolen one...
They did find his GPS the morons pawned it (luckily Knoxville has a law that they must have a copy of the drivers license and keep pawned items 20 days before selling...) the morons didnt even bother to clear the addresses saved so it was very easy to know it was his
But then last night he went to fix something and realized someone unscrewed the lock thing off of his storage area in his garage and stole his tool box... that is also going on the police report even though we are sure it wasnt the same night... so I dont know how much that will help.

And he is also in the process of finding a house... we have fallen in love with 4... 3 went under contract before we could make an offer and the other one the neighborhood was pretty iffy... *sigh* we are going to go look at 4 more tonight, I just hope one pans out... He has decided someone owes him some commission because everytime he looks at a house it sells.

I just want things to get better and hopefully I can be moved in soon and we can start our lives together... we will see how that goes over with his family

thanks loves
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Here are some vibes for both of you. I hope things get better soon.
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that he gets the rest of his stuff back and the police catch the bad guys! Sounds like a run of crappy luck. And yes, it does sound like some Realtors owe him part of their commission for getting those houses sold..

Break-ins suck big time, it's such a violation. I've had my car broken into and a beer case box full of CDs stolen. All my imports/rarities/signed stuff. Cops didn't care enough to come out for me though. But enough about that..

Better luck for your house search!!!
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I´m so sorry for the Bad Luck moment my friend... that´s awful...

for you and the love of your life!.....
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Good vibes for your Beau and hopes that you find a nice house in a safer neighborhood.
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we are starting to wonder... this is supposedly a very safe area. We are thinking the garage was someone that lives in the apartments.
On the bright side, all of the houses we are looking at have security systems and garages so hopefully we will find one we really like tonight and make an offer! I hope I hope I hope!
I did find 3 houses I really like if anyone is interested
House 1
House 2
House 3

This one is also at the top of the list But its just small. Only 2 bedrooms and one of which will need to be an office... so not a lot of expansion room for the future.
I hope one of these pans out! *sigh*
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Lot's of better luck in the future vibes coming your way.

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