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Tumor on leg

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I am new to this site. I wanted to reach out and connect with other people who love their cats as much as I do. I have two cats- Ebony and Ivory. THey are 10 years old and have lived with me for almost their whole lives.

Just the other day, I noticed a bump on Ivory's right rear leg. I took him to the vet, and even though they need to run some tests, the vet was pretty sure it was a tumor (and given the size and the fact that I just only now noticed it, that it was a bad tumor). I will not know anything definite, as far as if this is definitely the case, or the options/treatments for this condition until the test come back this week.
Has anyone out there gone through anything similar?

I need advice all around. I need advice as to how to cope with this. I love my cats like they are my children. Even just knowing the Ivory is uncomfortable and unable to go about his normal day (he seems to have less energy, and because the growth is on his leg, he seems to walk with a slight limp) is so hard for me, not to mention imagining the worst case senarios...

Thank you for reading, and I hope to find from this site, if nothing else, other people who love cats that I can connect with during this tough time for me.
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If it IS a tumor, it might come down to removing the leg. And while that sounds terrible, in fact, many say cats have 3 legs and a spare. Three-legged cats get on quite well.

For good news.
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Don't lose hope just because your vet thought it was a tumor. You'll never know until the results come back.

And like it was already said, cats with 3 limbs are just as good as cats with 4!

I've never dealt with tumors, but maybe the only extensive thing to be done will be to remove the tumor itself and not the whole leg.

Never lose hope, and always hope for the best.
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The vet did mention the option of surgery and possible amputation (IF if comes to that) and I'm glad to hear that this is viable. Ivory has also seemed extra tired lately...
Thanks for the good vibes and well wishes.
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