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Kitty's still hissing...

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Hello all~
For all that don't remember, About a month ago, I had brought home a new kitty. We introduced him to the other members of the family about 2 weeks ago, and he and our other cat are still hissing and running around the house like idiots. They fight over food, water, the breakfast nook, shoes, clothes, chairs, sofas, you name it. This has been going on now for 2 weeks, and I am not sure what to do. It seems that things have been better since they were introduced, but it's grating on my sanity right now. Not sure what to do. Nakita (the new cat) has an appointment with the vet on the 24th, and I hope they can answer my questions, but in the mean time, what do you think?

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How did you go about the introduction process?
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We had kept the new cat in the garage for 2 weeks, as he was a stray and needed to be examined for many things before we could even bring him into the house. For those two weeks, we pet each cat and purposely got their hair and scent on our clothes, so they could smell each other before we brought them in to see each other. Granted, that helped a lot when the time came for them to meet each other. The hissing was really bad for the first few days, but now, 2 weeks later, they are still hissing and complaining, but not as bad as they were when we first brought them in. They use the same litter box, and eat out of the same bowl, which is a great thing, and they have learned to eat at different times and use the box at different times. It's just when they are together and get really close, is when they start hissing. I'm guessing it will pass over time, but until they get to know each other really well, is when the hissing will pass.

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Two weeks is still pretty early in the whoe experience. I wouldn't worry about it.

However, what might be helpful is to set things up so that positive things happen when the two are together.

For example, give them treats, but only when they are together. Play fun interactive games, but only when they are together. For example, have two feather dusters or feathers on sticks. This way you can play with them both at the same time but they don't have to fight over the same toy.

The idea is to set things up so that when one cat thinks of the other he thinks "oh yeah, good things happen when he's around."

The more pleasurable events that happen when they're together, the faster they will learn to tolerate each other.
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Also give them separate food bowls and add another litter pan. That type of togetherness, most cats can do without. Even if you have a second litterpan and introduce a third, you will see a decrease in the hissing.

If all you have is hissing, then it is really going well.It is fairly early for the two of them to adapt to each other, they are finding their own way to cope.

Also I would recommend you buy a Feliway Comfort Zone room plug-in. That will also help. So will providing them with a cat condo, if they don't have one already.
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Thanks guys,
It seems that they are doing well, then because all they do is just hiss. I like the fact that if I play with both of them, then they will think that positive things happen when the other is around. I will also consider buying a separate litter pan and food bowls, just so they have someplace to go. They seem to stay clear from each other and have a set schedule, so I am honestly not to worried about that. I can see how it goes in a week and get back to you.

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Hi guys~
After reading the e-mails, I had waited a few days to see if the cats stopped hissing. They did, but now they just run all over the place like they are on some sort of drugs. Maybe they are finally playing. What they are doing now is running around the house, and one corners the other and then they hiss, and nothing happens. Does this mean they are finally becoming friends and just playing? Are there some hostilities still there, but they are learning to deal with each other?

I have never had two cats in the same house before, but I think they seem to be doing better. Nothing else really to report here. Just thought I would let you know about their progress. They see to be doing just fine. Thanks for all of the help.
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It sounds like things are going perfectly! You have obviously done a great job introducing the two cats. Bravo!
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I also brought home another adult cat 3 weeks ago. Just like you, this is my first time having 2 cats in a house hold. I think your cats are doing well. My two cats chase after each other and do "silent fight" all the time. As long as there is no blood shed, I would just let them do whatever they want.

Be patient and enjoy the "cat chase." Good luck to you!!!
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